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Oracle Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Digital Experience

Digital Experience for Media & Entertainment

Oracle’s Digital Experience solution enables M&E companies to offer personalized engagement and a differentiated brand experience throughout the consumer lifecycle.

Digital Home Service

Digital Home Service

Digital Home Service is a built-for-purpose solution that helps pay-TV operators redefine the consumer experience and reduce the cost to serve.

Smart Media Production Planning

Smart Media Production Planning

Smart Media Production Planning is a cloud-based solution that helps studios and broadcasters efficiently manage studio crew resources and streamline the end-to-end production journey—from budget planning to profit optimization—of the media franchise.

Finance Transformation in the Digital Age

Finance Transformation in the Digital Age

Finance Transformation in the Digital Age is a solution that helps M&E companies drive finance transformations through evolving value chains to obtain greater visibility and insights into corporate and production financials.

Talent and Workplace Agility

Talent and Workplace Agility

With Oracle’s Talent and Workplace Agility solution, M&E companies can more easily attract, develop, manage, and retain talent in an increasingly digital and collaborative workplace.


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps OUTFRONT Media provision databases in just minutes, integrating terabytes of third-party data and securely publishing interactive dashboards in Oracle Analytics to the sales force.

“Now we have a high-performance data warehouse that we can scale on demand that is self-tuning, self-repairing, and does not require us to do anything operationally. Our technical team can perform added-value services, such as data modelling and data quality.”

Derek Hayden, Vice President Data Strategy and Analytics, OUTFRONT Media

New to Media and Entertainment?

Media and Entertainment Learning Library

Oracle is a great business innovator partner for M&E

Oracle is a great M&E business innovation partner

Find out what Oracle has to offer in the broadcast and media space and how the landscape will unfold over the coming years—particularly with regard to the battle between over-the-top and pay-TV providers

How Pay TV Operators Can Improve Their Customer Service

How pay-TV operators can improve their customer service

Read why it is imperative that pay-TV companies—cable, satellite, and over-the-air service providers—pay closer attention to what their customers are experiencing.

Oracle becomes a platinum member of the IABM

Oracle becomes a platinum member of the IABM

See how Oracle will work with the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry (IABM) and its members to amplify its commitment to the media community.

IoT Enables Pay TV Providers To Gain a New Weapon in the OTT War

IoT enables pay-TV providers to gain a new weapon in the OTT war

Read about how to reduce the cost to serve pay-TV consumers and how to improve their experience with Oracle.

Oracle Digital Home Service for pay-TV operators

How media CFOs can reduce investment risk

Find out why although content is a key differentiator, aggregating content is not enough to win eyeballs and subscribers. The key is getting quality content to consumers as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible.