Oracle Midmarket—ProVita Success Story

How ProVita Sets World-Class Standards in Patient Care
How ProVita Sets World-Class Standards in Patient Care

We achieved 100 percent of the integration

We achieved 100 percent of the integration, reengineering, and financial improvements we were expecting.

- Darshak Shah, Financial Controller, ProVita International Medical Center

ProVita International Medical Centre is the top UAE provider of long-term medical care and rehabilitative services for patients who require continuous medical attention outside of the hospital environment. It is the first private long-term care facility in the region to be recognised for its world-class standards of patient care and organisational management.

But, in order to maintain and continuously advance the quality of its healthcare provision, ProVita needed to make a number of efficiency and process improvements. For example, the integration of HR, supply chain, and finance management within one central system; the standardisation and streamlining of previously manual processes, such as medical supplies procurement; and improvements in cost tracking, analysis, and reporting.

Now, thanks to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Financials Cloud, it has achieved 100 percent of its integration, reengineering, and financial targets. Substantial cost savings and improved cash flow mean the organisation’s limited resources are focused on its core business, funding first-rate healthcare clinics across the region, while the model is easily replicated across new care facilities.


  • Integrate human resources (HR), supply chain, and finance departments of long-term care facilities within a single system, while standardising, streamlining and improving business processes across two facilities
  • Meet functional and managerial-level reporting requirements through timely, accurate, and comprehensive reports
  • Improve efficiencies so that limited resources and budgets could be better used in the continuous improvement of healthcare quality standards


  • Oracle ERP Cloud standardised business processes across the organisation and ensured integration of legacy systems
  • Oracle Financials Cloud integrated HR and payroll transactions for better coordination, visibility, and analysis
  • Simplified and automatically updated transactions and financial reports met managerial and reporting requirements and enabled accurate business analysis and more effective decision-making, forecasting and facility comparison
  • Internal controls and efficiencies were improved by moving from paper-based processes, centralising and streamlining procurement and developing better approval hierarchies
  • By optimising core operations and processes, ProVita made significant cost savings and achieved better cash flow for funding new and better healthcare clinics across the region

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