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Employee giving

We match our employees’ charitable donations annually, and in times of crisis we run relief campaigns and increase our match. We also help each other through Oracle Cares, which makes grants to employees experiencing hardship and is funded by voluntary employee contributions matched by Oracle.

“Leveraging Oracle’s matching gifts program goes a long way in extending the impact of your personal donation. By having Oracle match my donation to Louisville Community Foundation, we were able to buy 140 winter jackets, hats, and pairs of gloves for children, helping to ensure every child has comfort and warmth. Big thanks to Oracle for helping us touch the lives of those in need.”

Matching employee donations

We support our employees’ philanthropy by matching their personal charitable donations to causes around the world. We matched more than US$5.3 million in employee donations in fiscal year 2022.

Disaster relief

When a disaster occurs, Oracle matches employee relief donations. In fiscal year 2022, we responded to disasters in Afghanistan, Brazil, Haiti, the Philippines, Ukraine, and the United States. Together, we gave more than US$2.3 million in response to the war in Ukraine.

Employees helping employees

Oracle Cares is an employee assistance fund that enables employees to make donations to support colleagues in times of need. In fiscal year 2022, the fund provided 122 hardship grants totaling more than US$268,000 helping employees recover from natural disasters, loss of a loved one, and serious injury or illness, including COVID-19.

“We experienced an apartment fire this year and our family lost everything except the clothes we were wearing. We had to quickly find a new place to live and buy new clothes, necessities, and furniture. We are so thankful to Oracle Cares for taking a little stress away by providing financial assistance during this time.”

Learn more about our impact

Photo credits: 1 and 3. Central Texas Food Bank; 2. Save the Children India; 4. World Central Kitchen