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Oracle Unified Finance and HR in the Cloud

Cloud Frees Business Leaders


Unified Finance and HR: The Cloud’s New Power Partnership

Migrating finance and HR systems to the cloud significantly improves collaboration and productivity. A new global survey conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom explores the motivations, benefits, and rewards that result from migrating finance and HR systems to the cloud.


When the Cloud Rolls In, Innovation Follows

The MITTR survey drew 700 respondents from around the globe, including C-level executives and senior and midlevel managers from finance, HR, and IT.
Exploring how deeper collaboration can boost productivity and accelerate innovation, respondents cited moving finance and HR systems to the cloud as a strategic necessity, not just a pathway to cost reduction.

Higher productivity means more focus on strategic priorities
Data sharing improves across finance, HR, and other departments

Unified cloud survey findings include:

  • 35 percent of respondents plan to create a shared finance and HR function within a year
  • 42 percent say they are motivated by improvements in productivity and performance
  • Almost 90 percent say cloud migration costs were either lower than or in line with expectations
  • 41 percent of C-level executives say the cloud enables them to reapportion their time to focus on revenue generation
  • 46 percent of respondents from finance and HR report that collaboration has improved significantly

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  • Take a Sneak Peek

MIT Technology Review Custom: Finance and HR in the Cloud

Get additional findings and hear from customers who have deployed finance and HR in the cloud.