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Virtual Events

Live and on-demand webinars connect you with startups and innovators around the globe. Tune in for insightful conversations covering topics such as scaling your startup, approaching investors, and tapping into the latest technology.

Upcoming live webinars

DIG SOUTH Virtual Tech Events each Wednesday
at 11 AM ET

DIG SOUTH, the South’s premier tech media and membership tribe, hosts virtual events each Wednesday at 11am featuring the region’s top tech executives, founders, investors and other experts. Tune in to Wild Pitch Wednesday to catch the latest greatest scalable startups. Or dig into top trends in emerging tech, digital marketing and business growth on DIG Cafe.

Drop In to the Digital Cloud Classroom

Each week, our dedicated team of technical experts will host live virtual sessions to demo features, share tips, and answer your questions. Tune in and begin getting the most out of the Oracle Cloud console.

On-demand webinars


Meet the Startups - Life Sciences Disrupted

Meet the entrepreneurs who are building the technology that will reshape Life Sciences.

Powered by Oracle Cloud, YellowDog, Molecula, and Starmind present how they partnered with Oracle to deliver secure, impactful solutions for enterprise customers.


Watch the Startup Idol Pitch Competition

Listen to pitches from six groundbreaking technology companies in industries like fintech, medtech, and CX. Hear from startups including Atlas Group, CogniCor, Reengen, Tracifier, HEARTio and SmartHint and find out who walked away a winner.


Reimagining the Corporate and Startup Relationship

Oracle for Startups opened the show at Startup and Innovation Day, Central and Eastern Europe's biggest networking event for investors, accelerators, startups, and business leaders. Watch VP Jason Williamson's opening keynote on reimagining the relationship between startups and corporates, including lessons learned and why he believes this dynamic is the future of innovation.


5 Reasons 90% of Startups Fail

Entrepreneurs need to know two things: where they are, and where they're going. Whether you’re just launching or you've been grinding for a few years, you can chart your course by beginning with the end in mind. Join BOSS Capital Partners CEO Gregory Shepard to learn the right way to grow, scale and exit your business and avoid being one of the 90% of startups that fail.


Startup Grind and Oracle present: Leadership Skills to Accelerate Growth and Seizing Opportunities to Win

Sue Siegel, a seasoned VC and former CEO of GE Ventures, will talk to Tiffany Thompson, Head of Global Marketing and Events, Oracle for Startups, and break down what every leader needs to know, whether you're just starting out, or your team is rapidly growing.

Here's what you can expect to walk away with:

  • Building great teams from the ground up
  • Honing leadership skills that can help accelerate growth
  • Working with potential partners
  • Finding and collaborating with VCs and CVCs


Leading in Uncertain Times

EuropeClouds Summit for Israeli startups - Leading in Uncertain Times.

Jason Williamson, Vice President, Oracle for Startups, shares his practical strategies to help you lead your startup and your team during challenging times.


How Central Eastern European Startups Scale

In this live virtual event for high-impact scaleups and startups in Central and Eastern Europe, entrepreneurs and executives share how startups successfully navigate the Oracle startup program. Join Oracle executives Roman Biller (VP, CEE Technology Sales, Oracle) and Sinem Kaya (Strategic Business Development Senior Manager, MEA & CEE, Oracle), SalesWidget CEO Tomasz Ławniczak, and Maciek Sadowski of Startup Hub Poland as they discuss how innovative startups can plug into Oracle technology, partnerships, and customers to scale up.


How Startups Scale with Oracle Cloud - SADC Region

Hear from startups, Oracle senior executives, business and tech leaders on how you can enable and accelerate your startups innovation plus scale your business via the Oracle for Startups program. Please note that this session was delivered in Portuguese.


High performance GPUs with a startup-friendly price tag

GPU computing solutions have the potential to address big global problems, and startups around the world are developing AI and compute-intensive apps to make it happen. Oracle and NVIDIA have committed to help more AI startups achieve scale through a joint offering of their global startup programs. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers startups high performance with the flexibility and lower cost of cloud.

Attendees will hear:

  • New offerings and economics for startups and SMBs.
  • OCIs fundamental differentiators in core pillars such as compute, storage, and network.
  • Live demos to deploy, run, and manage cloud resources and infrastructure on Oracle.
This session features references from startups DeepZen and Kinetica, who are leveraging the computing capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs, supported by the scale and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Startup Grind and Oracle present:
Building for a Series B

Have your eyes set on a series B? Join investor Stacey Bishop and VP of Oracle for Startups, Jason Williamson, where they'll provide insights on the shared DNA of all great companies and best practices that entrepreneurs should apply for their own startups, including tips for founders on how to successfully get from Series A to Series B, such as: -- Ways to deliver a good pitch that offers clear takeaways and a compelling story -- How founders can plan ahead to give themselves the flexibility to raise at the right time -- Tactics for smart hiring, which is a core requirement for successful scaling.


Power Up Your AI with Oracle and NVIDIA

GPU computing solutions have the potential to address big global problems and power innovative business solutions. Startups around the world are developing AI and compute-intensive apps to make it happen. Oracle and NVIDIA inception have committed to help more AI startups achieve scale through a joint offering of their global startup programs.

Watch "Power Up Your AI" to hear how startups are leveraging the computing capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs, supported by the scale and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


How to Drive Interest in a Hyper-Competitive Climate

The field was already crowded pre-COVID. Now, competition is at an all-time high. Learn what drives customers to buy and VCs to invest in a live session cohosted by Oracle for Startups and Cambridge Innovation Center. Michael Dermer, founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur, will share key techniques to generate interest, impress investors, and land customers in a startup-saturated landscape.

Leave this session having learned the latest proven sales pitch formulas, deadly sins to avoid when pitching investors, plus how to play in your own niche and not waste your own time.


Females, funding, and the future of startups

Female founders receive around 2-3% VC funding annually, despite countless reports that show women-led and gender-inclusive companies drive innovation, increase productivity, and improve financial results. Hear from a few of the women who are pushing for change in all industries and investing in female-led businesses with a webinar hosted by Oracle for Startups and Women In AI. Panelists from the VC, startup, and corporate communities will help us unpack this issue.


500 Startups and Oracle present This is a Big Deal: How Startups Land Enterprise Clients

Startups have the fresh technology that enterprise customers want, if they can prove that their solutions and their business are enterprise-ready. Tapping resources from corporate accelerators, startups boost credibility, demonstrate scale, and stand out in a crowded field. Hear how corporate innovation program can facilitate business-boosting partnerships between insightful startup tech and established enterprise customers, and why analysts are saying these relationships are the future of corporate innovation.

You'll leave this session understanding how to best position your startup for successful enterprise sales with advice from cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer of Circulor, Veera Johnson; CIO, Global Wealth and Asset Management of Manulife, LeeAnn Murray and Sr. Director of Oracle for Startups, Nicolas de Beco.


Oracle for Startups Executive Briefing: Your 2020 Business Reboot

When the first green shoots of new business growth emerge in the early post-pandemic world, will your startup be among them? Join Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research as he dives into the people, processes, and policies that will shape the future. He will make predictions for which initiatives will persist and which will fade, relating to data management, BI and analytics, financial planning and analysis, and data science.


Ask the VCs

This ask-me-anything webinar offers advice about the current funding landscape from a panel of VCs and tech leaders.


Meet the fintechs powered by Oracle Cloud

Your fintech deserves a seat at the enterprise table. Don't miss this special session hosted by Katalista Ventures and Oracle for Startups. You will learn growth hacks for fintechs, hear about successful startup migrations to Oracle Cloud, and join a lively discussion with the global Oracle for Startups team on supercharging your startup’s growth. Attendance includes a bespoke 1:1 session with an Oracle startup expert.


Scaling in a crisis: a focus on GovTech

Startups are adapting to a rapidly shifting business landscape, and GovTech is in the “eye of the storm.” PUBLIC Germany, PUBLIC Denmark, and Oracle for Startups invite Henry Mason from Dawn Capital and BotSupply’s Francesco Stasi to discuss the dynamic environment that startups face in the GovTech vertical. Plan to hear insights on GovTech from the perspectives of founders, investors, and corporates, including Max Dunhill (Oracle for Startups) and Julie Rømer (PUBLIC Denmark's Program Manager).


Navigating the VC landscape in virtual times

With a slowing venture market, entrepreneurs and small businesses are fighting to survive and claim their place in a transforming world of technology. Because your pitch may look different when it’s confined to a Zoom window, we have a few strategies that will help make your VC screen time pay off.


Exploring the possibilities of chatbots

Tune in to hear how cloud startup BotSupply turned a strategic pivot into a scalable business model. The Denmark-based chatbot company is now developing and deploying cross-functional chatbots—powered by conversational AI—for enterprise partners and clients around the world. Hosted by Women in AI and featuring BotSupply cofounder Francesco Stasi.


Protect your pipeline when you can't meet up for coffee

Startups are embracing the art of the pivot to protect their pipeline and nurture relationships with customers and prospects. Hear from venture capitalist, entrepreneur, TechStars mentor, and podcast host Michael Troiano as he shares strategies to prevent leads from falling out of your pipeline, maintain top-of-mind awareness, and make it through a chaotic time in one piece.


Seasoned venture capitalists help you navigate an unpredictable economy

Hard times call for tough decisions. If faced with the choice between getting lean or closing shop, startups can take smart steps to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and come out even stronger. Get advice from entrepreneurs, investors, and finance pros on how to cut operating costs without slashing the structural integrity of your company.


How startups can step up in pivotal moments

Startups are already familiar with the art of the pivot. When the whole world is shifting, we have an opportunity to adapt and serve our communities in ways that are both tactful and impactful. Tune in and learn how to update your product offering and go-to-market strategies to address the challenges that are top-of-mind during chaotic times.

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