Improve Your Project Collaboration and Communication Processes

It is critical to eliminate delays in the transfer of time-sensitive project information. Oracle Project Collaboration enables team members to collaborate and communicate more easily in their efforts to review and complete project work. With complete visibility to assigned tasks, issues, and deliverables, global team members - both internal and external to the organization can work together more efficiently and securely to make more-effective decisions and deliver superior results. Each team member has real-time access to information for answers to critical project-based questions, such as: What tasks, issues and changes are assigned to me? What are the priorities and their due dates? When must I communicate progress on my work? Where can I access documents I require for my work?

Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

Key Features

  • Collaborate Globally
    Utilize a globally accessible secure collaborative workspace.
  • Improve Communication
    Easily coordinate project work by sharing consistent information.
  • Speed Project Completion
    Collaborate on issue and change resolution.
  • Easily Manage Documents and Deliverables
    Work from one centralized information repository with the latest version of project documents.