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Extracting Effective Insights from Data

In this video, IDC and Oracle experts discuss how finance can achieve its new priority of translating data, at speed, into customer-centric insights. Watch it now to learn about the new data technologies and skill set your team will need.

What’s the CFO’s Top Data Priority?


Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

Embedding technology to help extra new insights from data is the finance leader’s top data priority. But how? Watch this video to find out.


Learn How to Extract Insights from Data—at Speed.

Finance needs to turn accurate data into effective insights, ideally in real-time. It will take both new tools and a new mindset, argue IDC and Oracle.


Why the Finance Team Needs a New Data-Centric Skill Set.

Making the most of your data requires analytical skills, behavioural skills, strategic thinking, relationship management, and communication. Learn more.


Could There Be a New Business Model Hidden in Your Data?

One customer-centric insight could transform your business. Watch this Tomorrow Talk to learn what technologies and skills you need to find it.

Featured Speakers

Sandra NG

Sandra NG

Group Vice President, IDC

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Program Lead, Oracle

Innovating With Data — Securely

IDC/Oracle Talk

Tomorrow Talk: IDC and Oracle on Exploiting Data Safely

The experts explain how you can manage your data securely while exploiting AI to mine it for real-time business insights.

Research: Data Not Being Secured or Exploited Properly

Research: Data Not Being Secured or Exploited Properly

Survey report: Only 43% of finance leaders are sure their data is secure, with even fewer getting useful insights from it.

Innovation and Inspiring Stories

Innovation and Inspiring Stories

Get the latest thinking on success-oriented technology—and start innovating.

CFOs need to translate big data into effective insights.