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Technology Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics work together to create a modern solution for business that is simple, repeatable, and fast, combining the best elements of analytics with powerful autonomous data services. With Oracle's technology, roadblocks are eliminated, key data is connected into a single source of truth, and unlocking highly actionable insights is faster than ever before.

Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics

Leverage All Data

Leverage All Data

Data comes from everywhere—various departments, third-party information, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and many more sources. This solution streamlines data processing to unlock the true value of analyzing all data, uncovering relevant insights to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Accuracy and Trust

Accuracy and Trust

With this solution, data is consolidated into a single source of truth, resulting in completely trustworthy analytics insights and results. When propagated to other departments, parties, or applications, Oracle Analytics creates consistency and accuracy with a unified view of data, metrics, and insights.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

All steps in your data workflow are optimized. Data and analytics processes are faster. Built-in capabilities, such as machine learning, accelerate model building. Efficiency is optimized, with end-to-end process improvement—from data to insight to decisions.

Faster Time to Insights

Faster Time to Insights

What does all that data really mean? Dig deeper behind the numbers with powerful insights provided by Oracle Analytics. Augmented analytics use tools, such as embedded AI and machine learning, to process data faster and uncover hidden patterns, resulting in more impactful insights.

Take Control of Your Data

How does Oracle's technology give you greater control over your data? It impacts all levels: security, organization, preparation, and analysis. Learn how Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics improve the business through data-driven decisions.

Solutions for Your Line of Business

Numbers are everywhere—which means that data can have a significant impact on just about any line of business. Whether it’s for sales, human resources, or any other part of your organization, data and analytics tell the story behind the decisions, delivering a new level of insight for optimizing your business.

Marketing icon

Marketing: Go All In with Analytics

Which customers are more likely to respond to an email campaign? What the last campaign’s ROI? More and more marketing departments are trying to better understand how their programs affect the business at large. With AI and machine learning powering analysis, it’s possible to use data to drive strategic marketing decisions.

HR icon

HR: Find and Share Talent Insights

What actually drives employee decisions regarding their career? More and more HR leaders are trying to better understand how their programs affect the business at large. With the right analytical capabilities, HR leaders are able to quantify and predict outcomes, understand recruitment channels, and review employee decisions en masse.

Sales icon

Sales: Optimize Your Opportunities

What is the critical moment that converts a lead to a sale? In-depth analytics can break down the sales cycle, taking in all of the different variables that lead to a purchase. Price, availability, geography, season, and other factors can be the turning point on the customer journey—and analytics offer the tool to decipher that key moment.

Finance icon

Finance: Predictive, Data-Driven Insights

How can you increase your profit margins? Finance works with every department, be it HR or sales. That means that innovation is always key, especially as finance departments face larger volumes of data. With analytics, it’s possible to bring finance into the future with predictive modeling, detailed analysis, and insights from machine learning.

Supply Chain icon

Supply Chain: Optimizing Efficiency

From material procurement to manufacturing, order management to fulfillment, the supply chain is comprised of many independent pieces that have direct and indirect impacts on each other. However, Oracle Analytics can connect these disparate pieces together, providing a unified view that leads to optimized supply chain management.

IT icon

IT: Become A Data-Driven Organization

In today's business, IT powers everything, from operations to sales to HR and everything in between. But unless all this unifies, it's impossible to truly take advantage of all that data. Oracle Analytics transforms IT by creating a unified platform for reporting, preparation, analysis, and discovery.