What to Expect

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We want you to leave Oracle Cloud Day with actionable information that you can apply to your business right away. That’s why each of Oracle Cloud Day’s three tracks and the Developer track are designed to address your most important needs. Choose the track that best suits your needs, or attend sessions across tracks to get a sampling of these three hot topics. See below for a general description about what you’ll get from each track.

Modernising Data Management

IT’s challenges with managing and securing data continue to grow in complexity. The move toward a more modern, data-driven organisation with the incorporation of cloud technology presents a unique opportunity for IT to play a strategic role in the successful evolution of how data can be managed, secured, and accessed to drive innovation and competitive advantage for the business.

This track is designed for IT Experts who want to:

  • Learn more about building a cloud strategy
  • Modernise their databases
  • Streamline data management and security
  • Provide access to accurate, real-time business insights
  • Take charge of their data

Modernising Applications

Many of our customers who are now well on their way with their cloud journey started with questions like: What does a cloud journey even look like? How long will it take? And what is the best path for our business? If you’re sitting on similar questions, don’t waste any more time. We’ll get them answered for you in these sessions.

Join this track if you want to:

  • Bring your cloud strategy into a sharper focus
  • Learn about tools and strategies that can make your cloud journey easier
  • Hear more about the peak performance, reliability, and security offered by Oracle’s second-generation cloud
  • Get tips on how to craft a cloud transformation that meets your needs

Transforming Business with Analytics and AI

Every business wants to be able to make better, faster decisions. The organisations that actually will will be the ones that use the information and best practices shared in these sessions.

Join this track if:

  • You’re tired of waiting for answers to your most important questions
  • You’re curious about how you can safely democratise your data for faster, more accurate, and more consistent insights
  • You want to know more about how machine learning and AI can unearth patterns that you might never have seen otherwise

Developer Playground

As a developer, you want to spend less time thinking about the data tier and more time working on innovative applications.

Join the Developer track if you want to:

  • Learn more about working with microservices and building cloud-native applications
  • Get hands-on with and learn from demo on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and see how to simplify data management and application development
  • Get up to date on our latest technology