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Data Is The New Battleground

Australia—September 13, 2019

Every minute 510,000 comments are posted on Facebook, 456,000 tweets are sent on Twitter and 46,740 photos posted on Instagram, according to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 5.0 report!  Beyond the world of social, again on a per minute basis the Weather Channel receives 18,055,556 forecast requests, and 600 new page edits are made to Wikipedia.  And I could go on… figures of this type are almost never-ending.

We truly live in a world surrounded by data.  Increasingly businesses live or die by it, but harnessing it is hard. 

Data is the new battleground, but with IT budgets tight and the volumes of data rapidly growing, businesses are struggling to keep up, as well as free their data from their traditional data siloes.  So what’s the answer?

Increasingly we are seeing is companies recognising the power of Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database as transformational technologies that can help them overcome these challenges. 

Specifically architected to meet the needs of the enterprise, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is purpose-built for the enterprise.  Providing unmatched security, performance, reliability and service levels, plus low predictable pricing, it gives businesses what they need to move existing enterprise and data-intensive applications to the cloud as well as develop and deploy cloud native workloads with confidence.

Already customers are recognising the benefits.

As Ryan Klose, Executive General Manager – Corporate, National Pharmacies, explains, “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has already played a powerful role in our digital transformation.  It’s underpinned the modernisation of our Oracle financial, procurement and warehousing systems, helping us take $7million out of the business from inefficient stock practices, and 90% off out training budget from being able to bring mobile technologies in to support how we operate.  It’s also provided a platform for innovation and brought in levels of security we couldn’t hope to achieve on our own.  The additional opportunities Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud data centre brings in terms of the ability to do more to delight customers and delivering a personalized experience will be essential to our future success.  Data and digital technology isn’t just important to us, it’s critical for how our business operates.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also offers customers a compelling array of advanced technology. This includes AI-based Applications, ML-integrated security, automated analytics and Oracle Autonomous Database. 

The self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing nature of the autonomous database make it both easy and cost effective to adopt and free IT up to focus on innovation and value added tasks. As a result, organisations of all sizes, from all industries and all geographies are able to get the data injection they need to better run their operations, serve customers better and become more competitive.

As Klose, continues, “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has already played a powerful role in our digital transformation.  It runs the Oracle Autonomous Database, which has enabled us to achieve the holy grail of centralising patient data so that our health practitioners can join the dots in real time and make informed decisions,” said Ryan Klose, Executive General Manager, National Pharmacies. “It’s underpinned the modernisation of our Oracle financial, procurement and warehousing systems, helping us reduce $7 million out of the business due to inefficient inventory practices, and 90 percent saving in our training budget taking advantage of mobile applications making in-store employee user experiences as intuitive as “Çandy Crush’’. It’s also enable our teams to innovate and test new technologies at a lower cost and without the traditional waiting times that come with on-premise platforms, now, it is as simple to check a few boxes in our Oracle Cloud administration wizard, and we up are an running in only a few minutes.   It did not take us long to seize the advantage of the additional opportunities Oracle’s next generation cloud infrastructure data centre brings as we continuously elevate emerging technologies for our customer … however they might choose to engage.  Data, security and delivering compelling user experiences with our technology isn’t just important to us, it’s critical for how our business operates.”  

So given that a business’ most precious commodity is its data it’s clear to see that Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure creates amazing new opportunities for companies as they release the potential of this valuable resource in ways not previously possible. In addition to helping businesses manage all this information with ease, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also enables them to gain enterprise grade performance and predictability and harness the power of transformative technologies so that they can chart a clear vision and develop a new data supply chain, allowing them to spin up innovation and insight in minutes.

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