CIMIC Group takes project collaboration to Aconex

Under a strategic partnership agreement, Aconex provides cloud collaboration services for existing and new CIMIC Group infrastructure and construction projects in eight countries. Aconex operates CIMIC’s INCITE Keystone collaboration platform until all projects currently on it are either completed or transitioned to the Aconex platform. The INCITE Keystone platform host projects for Leighton Contractors; Leighton Asia, India and Offshore; and Thiess, as well as other contractors such as John Holland.


Business challenges

  • Large, complex infrastructure and construction projects with geographically dispersed project teams
  • Detailed workflows and processes requiring consistency, transparency and accountability project-wide
  • High volumes of documents requiring version control and correspondence requiring decisions and progress checks
  • Auditability of all project processes and data flows to ensure compliance and avoid disputes


  • Experience of Aconex is serving the most complex projects for the world’s largest owners and contractors
  • Acquisition of INCITE Keystone intellectual property, assets and customer relationships
  • Hiring of INCITE Keystone product development and support teams as Aconex employees
  • Integration of INCITE Keystone process functionality for large infrastructure projects on the Aconex platform
  • Long-term commercial value for both companies. 
  • Enterprise commitment from one of the largest contractor groups in Australia and Asia
  • Infrastructure process technology and an experienced team that has served hundreds of infrastructure projects
  • Strengthening of global market leadership position
Published:8 June 2018