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Defence Health Gains Workforce Insight with Oracle HCM Cloud


By providing a single HR hub with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we improved our ability to source, recruit, and retain the right talents to support business growth. With greater insight into workforce capabilities, we offer targeted career development opportunities and enhanced employee engagement.

— Kelly Dickson, Head of HR, Defence Health

Defence Health Halves Time to Screen 200 Applicants, Gains Insight into Workforce Capabilities, and Enhances Employee Engagement with Oracle

Defence Health is the major health insurer for Australian Defence Force (ADF) families and the wider Defence Community. Part of the group of Members Own Health Funds, its focus is to deliver better services and superior member satisfaction by providing great value health insurance along with genuine care, support, and expertise to more than 260,000 members.

With rapid business growth, Defence Health needed a centralized human capital management (HCM) platform to gain better insight into the capabilities of its workforce, such as call center staff competencies, and improve career and development opportunity for employees.

Defence Health Increases HR Efficiency by 50% with Oracle

  • Support fast-growing health insurance business by deploying a single HR hub to improve efficiency in sourcing and recruiting internal and external talents, such as member services officers, and minimize lost opportunity
  • Provide Defence Health’s executive team with greater insight into the skills and capabilities of existing workforce and make faster decisions, such as promoting an internal staff member to the position of sales and retention manager
  • Improve employee engagement by gaining better ability to identify competency gaps and training needs for each staff member and enable more targeted career development opportunities, such as peer group coaching for claims consultants
  • Enabled HR team to screen up to 200 applications 50% faster and ensure quality of new hires by using Oracle HCM Cloud’s multi-tiered screening and assessment tools to rapidly shortlist candidates based on pre-determined questions regarding competencies, such as insurance claims experience
  • Made faster, better-informed decisions, such as probation and internal promotion, by creating more strategic HR reports through Oracle HCM Cloud’s dashboard capability and providing executives with greater insight into existing workforce information—including competencies, performance rating, and recruitment costs
  • Supported better succession and strategic planning by gaining a holistic view of current and historical employee performance metrics, enabling HR team and managers to rapidly identify trends and competency gaps for each staff member and expand their future career prospects
  • Strengthened internal governance control by deploying Oracle HCM Cloud to securely capture and store candidate data and use workflow feature to track approval processes—eliminating the risk of losing critical and sensitive HR information, such as performance review documents
  • Enabled a more proactive talent management approach and increased employee engagement by making it easier for hiring managers to clearly define role expectations, provide timely and specific performance review feedback, and implement career development plans throughout the year
  • Increased recruitment efficiency by replacing tedious paper-based processes with an automatic workflow and allowing hiring managers to easily track and approve job requisitions anytime, anywhere using Oracle HCM Cloud’s mobile self-service capability
  • Enhanced brand image and candidate experience by using a modern and robust Oracle HCM Cloud to communicate the values, culture, and the benefits delivered to the Defence Community, helping to attract candidates for new positions
  • Improved HR productivity by automating and streamlining recruitment and onboarding processes with a single Oracle HCM Cloud platform rather than using multiple legacy systems
  • Gained a talent pool to support future growth by automatically capturing internal and external candidate information with Oracle HCM Cloud instead of losing applicant data once an online job advertisement closed


Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud is a complete out-of-the-box solution that we could easily configure to meet the requirements of our internal procedures and align with current and long-term business objectives.

— Kelly Dickson, Head of HR, Defence Health


Defence Health engaged Oracle Partner, Pinpoint HRM to assess its business requirements and build a centralized HR platform with Oracle HCM Cloud solutions. The team required only six weeks to implement and go live with Oracle Recruiting. Defence Health then deployed Oracle Performance Management to support a pilot version of its performance review portal a week later, and rolled out Oracle Onboarding three weeks after that.

About Defence Health


Melbourne, Australia



Annual Revenue

US$307 million

Founded in 1953, Defence Health is a not-for-profit private health insurer committed to making a difference to the health and wellbeing of Australian Defence Force members and the broader Defence Community. It offers a range of insurance products, including private health  life and travel insurance.


Pinpoint HRM assisted Defence Health to develop and configure a centralized HR hub based on Oracle HCM Cloud solutions. Pinpoint HRM also provided ongoing training to staff members and continues to manage systems maintenance requirements.

“It was amazing to work with Pinpoint HRM as they were super-efficient and open-minded throughout the implementation. They responded quickly to our requests, and helped to roll out Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud in just a matter of weeks. It has been a stress-free and enjoyable experience,” Dickson said.

Published:  Jun 13, 2017