Dymocks improves open rate by 2.8x and boosts sales with Oracle Marketing Cloud

Dymocks improves click rate by 3x, increases sales revenue from trigger campaigns by up to 32%, and enhances customer loyalty with Oracle.

Dymocks is an Australian bookseller with over 139 years of experience. It sells a wide range of books, stationery, and gifts to approximately 1 million Booklover members via its website and franchise stores across the country. Dymocks aims to inspire more Booklovers by setting the standard in bookselling and delivering the best customer experience through its range and well-read team.

Dymocks already implemented Responsys over the last decade but used it as an email platform only. With increased membership data and campaigns volume, Dymocks needed an advanced customer relationship management platform to optimize its Booklover reward program, improve customer loyalty, and boost sales.


By automating trigger campaigns with Oracle Marketing Cloud, we almost tripled the open rate and click rate for our Booklovers loyalty program and significantly increased sales revenue. The solution also helped us drive customer engagement and support cross-channel programs.

Sophie HigginsHead of Merchandise and Marketing, Dymocks

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Business challenges

  • Increase business revenue by maximizing the capability of Responsys to easily personalize emails to Booklovers and optimize the effectiveness of campaign programs, such as promotion of new book releases
  • Drive customer retention and engagement by providing better insight into membership data and delivering more targeted campaigns—including birthday rewards and member award points—across channels
  • Improve the efficiency to build and grow trigger campaigns by automating the process to send millions of emails to Booklover members each month with a powerful marketing tool

Why Dymocks chose Oracle

"We considered other vendors, but Oracle Marketing Cloud offered more competitive pricing than Salesforce. Oracle’s pay as you grow subscription model also gives us the flexibility to simply plug in the additional modules, such as Send Time Optimization and SMS, when we are ready."

—Sophie Higgins, Head of Merchandise and Marketing, Dymocks


Dymocks initially adopted Oracle Responsys for email marketing and added the Send Time Optimization module to support the Booklover loyalty program. The company then optimized the mobile marketing feature and gradually rolled out the Oracle Responsys SMS Cloud Service.

“The most valuable experience is investing in Oracle Responsys Expert Services Workshop and getting the most out of the solution. Having a local customer relationship is also really important, and the Oracle Customer Success Manager certainly gave us this,” Higgins said. “My advice is to treat Oracle Marketing Cloud as a journey. Get what you need first and explore how you can improve and expand the solution with the assistance from Oracle.”

  • Improved the open rate by 2.8x—from 24% to almost 67%—and the click rate by 3x—6% from 2%—for campaign programs, such as “Book of the Month”, by adopting Oracle Responsys Send Time Optimization Cloud Service to determine the best time to send content and engage Booklover members 
  • Increased sales from reward programs’ electronic direct mail (EDM) by 7% and achieved over US$230,000 incremental revenue by using Oracle Marketing Cloud to automate trigger campaigns and send responsive emails to targeted customers, such as Dymocks’ birthday voucher for Booklover members
  • Uplifted sales by another 32% from the trigger email and contributed to additional US$187,000 incremental revenue in just three months by leveraging Oracle Marketing Cloud’s analytics engine to identify and personalize reminder emails to members who are close to reaching gold status and would receive extra award points
  • Converted 5,000 members to active shoppers and expected to gain extra US$347,000 quarterly incremental revenue by re-engaging inactive members with special offers, such as discount on full-priced books, and increasing sales revenue by up to 30% across the entire campaign program
  • Enhanced membership data quality and supported better campaigns by providing Dymocks marketers with the engagement insight of each member across channels and allowing them to focus on the retention of 1 million active members and remove 200,000 non-active members from the database   
  • Improved the ability to drive customer loyalty and engagement by enabling marketers to create and deliver mobile campaigns with Oracle Marketing Cloud’s mobile push and rich push feature 
  • Reduced significant time and cost to build EDM campaigns and strategy by using Oracle Marketing Cloud to automate campaign targets, individualize email content, and provide relevant recommendations to Booklovers  
  • Supported future growth by implementing Oracle Responsys Rapid Retargeter Cloud Service to connect siloed customer data—club members and website customers—into a single platform and Oracle Responsys SMS Cloud Service to enable cross-channel campaigns
Published:10 July 2020

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