Hacer decreased RFI turnaround times by 55%

Hacer Group adopted Aconex across the enterprise as a centralized platform to manage large amounts of project data, communications and processes involving multiple organizations.


Aconex provides great support and investment in R&D.

Ivan MarinovicBusiness Systems Manager, Hacer Group Enterprise

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Business challenges

  • Engineers spent many hours on an inefficient design review process
  • Defect logging was time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • Tracking the large number of requests for information (RFI) activities required a full-time resource
  • Manually compiling tender packages was cumbersome


  • Implemented configurable workflows to streamline the design review process
  • Replaced paper inspection checklists with digital Aconex Field Forms on mobile devices
  • Graduated from manual RFIs to a standardized digital process providing project-wide access and visibility and tracking
  • Implemented the Aconex to manage the entire tender process
  • Saved A$21,600 on shop drawing reviews per project
  • Increased inspection logging from an average of 200 items to 7,000 items per project, with up to 25,000 on some projects
  • Decreased RFI turnaround times by 55%
  • Saved over 80% of time required to create tender packages
Published:1 June 2018

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