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Oracle Customer Success — Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies Cuts Hiring Costs by US$7,715 per Vacancy with Oracle


By gaining better ability to attract, assess, and retain talent with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, we shortened time to hire by 40%, saved US$7,715 per vacancy in hiring costs, cut agency usage from 35% to less than 2%, and supported global business expansion.

— Faye Aylward, Global HR Director, Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies Shortens Time to Hire, Saves Hiring Costs, and Supports Global Growth with Oracle

Hansen Technologies is a publicly traded company on the Australian Stock Exchange that delivers leading customer care and billing solutions to over 600 customers across 80 countries. With over 40 years of experience and innovative offerings, Hansen Technologies aims to provide cost-effective solutions and help customers achieve operational excellence. 

Previously, Hansen Technologies relied on emails and spreadsheets to manage multiple HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, and performance management. With rapid business growth, this created challenges to attract and retain the best talent and promote the Hansen brand globally. Hansen Technologies needed to improve the visibility of the candidate and employee cycle and support acquisition strategy.
  • Adopt a cloud platform to track and manage end-to-end recruitment and onboarding processes across multiple offices and regions, such as hiring approval, rather than emails and verbal conversations 
  • Provide a mechanism to promote the Hansen brand as a B2B organization and attract more talent in the market, including utilities, telecoms, and Pay TV software development professionals, by expanding sourcing channels to job board aggregators, such as Broadbean
  • Support business growth by eliminating cumbersome paper-based processes and improving the efficiency to fill over 100 positions per year, such as software developers and engineers, across multiple locations and countries  
  • Gain better visibility to quickly identify high performers and enhance ongoing talent management through 360 degree performance reviews and peer feedback system rather than paper documents
  • Use a single HR platform to ensure effective data protection and meet privacy laws in different geographic locations
  • Saved time to hire by up to 20 days and cut hiring costs by US$7,715 per vacancy by automating the recruitment processes with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and shortening the hiring approval cycle time from 50 to approximately 30 days
  • Cut agency usage on permanent roles to less than 2% instead of 35% in a year by improving the visibility and efficiency of the hiring process with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud 
  • Increased new hire productivity by enabling new employees to complete all onboarding tasks and paperwork before day one via the employee self-service function of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud
  • Enhanced the brand image as a professional, efficient, and caring organization and attracted more talent in the industry by using automatic functions to rapidly respond and communicate with applicants and encouraging them to subscribe to job alerts 
  • Empowered recruiters to source qualified talent faster by integrating the recruitment platform with job board aggregators and distributing one job post to multiple job boards in one action   
  • Improved the engagement level with hiring managers throughout the recruitment process by providing them with greater insight into applications and ensuring alignment with realistic selection criteria 
  • Enhanced employee experience by giving managers instant visibility of career development aspirations, performance scores and feedback to support better succession planning and professional development decisions, such as training for developers
  • Supported growth by providing a single source of truth for employee data with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud and enabling the HR team to quickly generate management reports and facilitate a number of other business processes, such as our employee engagement survey  
  • Ensured data security and met privacy laws in multiple locations by adopting the secure and flexible Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to capture and store employee data based on the local regulatory requirements


To support our continuous growth aspirations, we needed to select a vendor with 24/7 support coverage, minimal downtime, and data security expertise, such as adherence to geographical data rules. Oracle was the only vendor that met all of our HR business requirements.

— Faye Aylward, Global HR Director, Hansen Technologies


Hansen Technologies built a new HR platform with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, including recruiting, onboarding, and performance management modules, to provide better user experience and support global growth.

“The Oracle Account Manager and Customer Success Manager have been very helpful. They were always there to support us through the implementation and ongoing support for system queries and issues,” said Faye Aylward, Global HR Director, Hansen Technologies. “I would recommend Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to any business with more than 50 employees because it is very well-priced, easy to implement, auditable, and efficient.”

About Hansen Technologies


Melbourne, Australia



Annual Revenue

US$137 Million
Established in 1971, Hansen Technologies is a global provider of customer care and billing solutions. It specializes in energy, utilities, Pay TV, and telecommunications industry solutions and delivers additional services, including data center, application, and implementation and ongoing support services to customers worldwide. Hansen Technologies has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.


Pinpoint HRM Pty., Ltd. assisted Hansen Technologies to configure and adopt the performance management module of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud. Pinpoint also provided user training after the implementation.
Published:  Dec 04, 2017