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Oracle Cloud helps Sejong Hospital fight heart disease

Sejong Hospital uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud to make more informed care choices for its patients, including children with congenital heart disease.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
LOCATION: South Korea

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About the customer

Mastering the complex

Sejong Hospital, the only cardiac specialty hospital in South Korea, is on a mission to eliminate childhood heart disease. As Sejong Hospital Group expands its locations across South Korea and takes on new vascular specialties, its leaders are determined to maintain the safe and collaborative patient experience that the hospital is known for—even as modern medical procedures become more complex.

Sejong Hospital meets these aims through a purposeful combination of social outreach, medical research and clinical trials, and continuous innovation to improve the quality of care.

Since Sejong Hospital’s founding in 1983, its doctors have provided more than 12,000 free surgeries for children with congenital heart conditions.

We built our foundation on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for easy access to data, but also for safety and security of the data. And we use Oracle Analytics Cloud to help our staff make informed decisions in a very swift manner.
Park Jinsik, Chairman, Sejong Hospital Group

Customer Story

Free, world-class care

Already known throughout Asia for its care of patients with cardiovascular disease, Sejong Hospital Group is on its way to becoming the region’s leading provider of a broader array of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialties.

But even as it builds new hospitals, incorporates new medical technologies, and masters complex procedures, the hospital group’s leaders are determined to honor two Sejong traditions: Provide gratis surgeries for children whose families can’t afford the care, and endeavor to treat all patients in a safe, friendly, collaborative environment.

Its hospitals are using Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud, running on top of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s elastic compute and storage, to quietly collect data throughout the medical process and deliver real-time information to their medical teams seamlessly.

Meanwhile, Oracle Data Warehouse’s self-managing, self-patching capabilities free administrators to focus more on helping patients and less on maintaining IT systems.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud have simplified data collection and analysis for Sejong staffers. What once was a 20-day process now takes a few days and provides more in-depth quality-of-care data to inform their work.

I can confidently say that Sejong Hospital is one of the forerunners in the world at applying machine learning and AI to clinical practice.

Park Jinsik, Chairman, Sejong Hospital Group