Insitu reduces dispute-related conversations by an estimated 75% using Aconex

Insitu is a young company, formed with big goals. They are realizing those goals by using technology, specifically Aconex, a company-wide solution which is helping them provide quality services in line with organizations far larger than themselves.


Business challenges

  • Maximizing efficiencies to be able to optimize a relatively small staff
  • Consistently meeting contractual milestones and quality standards to help build the reputation of a new organization
  • Acquiring the best value sub contracts to maintain competitiveness
  • Having consistency across all of projects to support staff on multiple projects and project to project movement and improvement


  • A proven industry specific solution to standardize and streamline all project processes across the business
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities to consistently deliver high quality projects
  • Robust bidding module to seamlessly manage the entire process including managing a larger group of bidders
  • One configurable solution to meet every project’s needs
  • Approximately 75% reduction in dispute conversations
  • 80% plus improvement in sign off on QA and safety inspections. It can be done within 5 minutes now as compared to 30 minutes in the past
  • Elimination of up to 2 hours to track, identify and chase each open inspection item. With Aconex numbering and tracking, the task is completely eliminated
  • 80% faster transmittal creation, reduced from about 30 minutes to just 5. 85% faster transmittal tracking. It takes just 15 minutes a day to check in on Aconex compared to close to 2 hours of tracking and chasing per day before
  • Ease of tendering has allowed Insitu to go out to bid to more contractors, thus gaining more competitive pricing
  • RFI cycles are 43% faster, they take just 48 hours, compared to 3-4 days in the past
  • Shop drawing review cycles are 26% faster, taking 5 days compared to an average of 7 days. By following an automated workflow, unnecessary back and forth is avoided and valuable engineering time is saved
  • Insitu saves 1.5 hours on every package by eliminating the need to route and review incomplete shop drawings
Published:9 August 2018

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