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Oracle Customer Success — IOOF Holdings Ltd.

IOOF Holdings Ltd.

IOOF Gains Insight into Opportunity Pipelines with Oracle Sales Cloud


Thanks to Oracle Sales Cloud, we gained access to the most up-to-date and reliable customer information from a single platform rather than pulling data from multiple systems. Our sales team can now use the tool to track and manage the entire cycle of an opportunity, not just to record sales activities.

— Julie Wise, Head of Sales Enablement, IOOF Holdings Ltd.

IOOF Improves Visibility into Opportunity Pipelines and Enables Sales Team to Track and Manage Activities Anytime, Anywhere

IOOF Holdings Ltd. (IOOF) is one of Australia’s largest financial services organizations that has been helping Australians secure their future for over 170 years. Its goal is to put clients first and deliver tailored solutions by providing a wide range of leading products and services that includes financial advice, superannuation, investment management, estate planning, and trustee services.

To increase business opportunities, IOOF needed a flexible and easy to use CRM system to track and manage the entire sales cycle. It also wanted to measure sales performance not only based on revenue targets, but also opportunity pipelines.

IOOF Ensures Sales Process Consistency with Oracle

  • Improve user adoption by enabling sales team and other departments to easily access accurate customer data via a centralized CRM platform rather than using different systems
  • Increase revenue opportunity by gaining visibility into opportunity pipelines across various product solutions, such as superannuation, and enabling sales team to easily track and manage the entire life cycle of an opportunity—from initial appointment to consultation and implementation—instead of just using the sales tool to record activities
  • Provide better insight into sales performance by changing the approach to measure performance through opportunity pipelines rather than using quantity targets, such as the number of customer meetings required to attend per year
  • Enabled easy adoption and improved operating efficiency by implementing an intuitive Oracle Sales Cloud and allowing 45 users, such as client solutions managers and marketing teams, to view the most updated and reliable customer information from a single platform rather than pulling out data from multiple backend systems
  • Made it easier for managers to identify issues for pipelines and take immediate action by providing complete visibility of the full life cycle of an opportunity and identifying the right product solutions to customers, including financial advisers and employers
  • Improved revenue opportunity by enhancing team collaboration with Oracle Sales Cloud and enabling the business to easily build customer segmentation, such as prospects, supporters, and business partners, and determine the approach to service each segment
  • Gained valuable insight into sales performance by using Oracle Sales Cloud’s prebuilt reports to analyze individual performance based on quality targets, such as the percentage of active pipelines progressing each year, allowing the business to identify the strength and weaknesses of sales talent and determine coaching points in the sales process
  • Reduced time to coach sales by developing systemic steps for pipeline management and embedding recommended scripts and templates within an opportunity
  • Enabled sales team to quickly assess and update information, such as appointments and meeting notes, when they are on the road
  • Simplified system management and lowered IT costs by leveraging Oracle Partner, Ekulus’s managed service and Oracle’s expertise to manage the system


Unlike other vendors, Oracle Sales Cloud stored our data domestically rather than offshore. Oracle also offered more competitive pricing for customization and gave us the flexibility to perform the upgrades at our own pace.

— Julie Wise, Head of Sales Enablement, IOOF Holdings Ltd.


IOOF replaced the legacy desktop user interface for its CRM system with Oracle Sales Cloud’s simplified user interface. It also migrated the data from two back-end systems into a single Oracle Sales Cloud and plans to migrate another two systems. IOOF then rolled out user training sessions across Australia to improve user adoption. Taking just 12 weeks for the initial implementation and up to 3 weeks for each innovation release, the project execution was easy and straightforward and IOOF goes live with the new sales capabilities every quarter.

“Investing the time to customize and develop a robust CRM system that meets our business requirements is critical to the success of sales processes. Oracle Sales Cloud enabled us to achieve this,” Wise said.

About IOOF Holdings Ltd.


Melbourne, Australia



Annual Revenue

US$733 Million

Established in 1846, IOOF has grown substantially to become a leading quality financial service provider. It is one of the top 100 companies on the Australian Securities Exchange with over US$104 billion of assets under management, administration, advice and supervision on behalf of 600,000 clients across Australia and New Zealand. IOOF operates four divisions including financial advice, platform management and administration, investment management, and trustee services.


IOOF initially engaged Oracle Gold Partner, Ekulus Consulting (Ekulus) for developing a solution blueprint and roadmap. Following the recommendations from Oracle and Ekulus, IOOF partnered with Ekulus to build a centralized CRM system by integrating its backend systems with Oracle Sales Cloud through a data quality hub. The company also engaged Ekulus to provide on-going support and modernization of Oracle Sales Cloud installation.

“It was far more cost effective to outsource customization and development to a third-party provider who specializes in Oracle. Ekulus assisted us to navigate the process and ensure our sales team remains relevant and maximize the benefits of Oracle Sales Cloud,” Wise said.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Apr 20, 2017