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New South Wales Department of Justice Speeds Record Keeping and Reporting by Between 25-40%


As a government agency, we have a huge responsibility to the public, to the tax payers. Aconex helps us meet that responsibility.

— Kimberly Everett, Executive Director – Program Support, New South Wales Department of Justice

Project name: New South Wales Department of Justice Enterprise
Industry: Hospitality & Community
  • Lack of standardized processes across projects
  • Non centralized project information led to discrepancies and errors
  • Manual tracking of workflows took valuable time away from higher value activities
  • Progress claims management was time consuming and error prone
  • Configurable platform to support organisation wide standardisation and project specific needs
  • Centralised information, process and communication management across the project team leading to one source of truth
  • Automated configurable workflows track review cycles, due dates and outstanding commitments, improving visibility, accountability and timeliness
  • Clear breakdowns mapped to progress claims to eliminate discrepancies and time wasted resolving those discrepancies
  • 50% improvement in data accuracy by using Aconex
  • Estimated time savings between 25-40% across all users in record keeping and reporting across projects
  • Savings from 10 minutes up to two days per approval through electronic sign offs, eliminating the need to track someone down at their desk to get the approval
  • Improved quality and records of all change requests and approvals
  • Elimination of manual tracking resulting in time saved in tracking change requests, project management time saved on forecasting and management time saved in reviewing and assessing project reporting
  • Aconex Connected Cost provides clear and complete itemized breakdowns which have significantly reduced discrepancies

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New South Wales, Australia
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Published:  Jun 22, 2018