New South Wales Department of Justice speeds record keeping and reporting by between 25-40%

Justice Infrastructure and Assets has implemented Aconex to manage information and processes across projects as part of an initiative to most efficiently manage and deliver infrastructure projects for the public.


As a government agency, we have a huge responsibility to the public, to the tax payers. Aconex helps us meet that responsibility.

Kimberly EverettExecutive Director – Program Support, New South Wales Department of Justice

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Business challenges

  • Lack of standardized processes across projects
  • Non centralized project information led to discrepancies and errors
  • Manual tracking of workflows took valuable time away from higher value activities
  • Progress claims management was time consuming and error prone


  • Configurable platform to support organisation wide standardisation and project specific needs
  • Centralised information, process and communication management across the project team leading to one source of truth
  • Automated configurable workflows track review cycles, due dates and outstanding commitments, improving visibility, accountability and timeliness
  • Clear breakdowns mapped to progress claims to eliminate discrepancies and time wasted resolving those discrepancies
  • 50% improvement in data accuracy by using Aconex
  • Estimated time savings between 25-40% across all users in record keeping and reporting across projects
  • Savings from 10 minutes up to two days per approval through electronic sign offs, eliminating the need to track someone down at their desk to get the approval
  • Improved quality and records of all change requests and approvals
  • Elimination of manual tracking resulting in time saved in tracking change requests, project management time saved on forecasting and management time saved in reviewing and assessing project reporting
  • Aconex Connected Cost provides clear and complete itemized breakdowns which have significantly reduced discrepancies
Published:22 June 2018

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