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Oracle Customer Success—Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red Shortens Time-to-Market by 40% with Oracle PaaS


By automating our end-to-end software trial request process with Oracle Process Cloud Service, we can fulfill a request in less than an hour instead of up to 4 weeks and accelerate time to market by 40%. Vendors like Pega and Appian simply could not match the breadth of the Oracle Cloud offerings.

— Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red Fulfills a Trial Request in Less Than 1 Hour Instead of 4 Weeks and Increases Speed to Market by 40% with Oracle

Rubicon Red is a globally recognized and awarded thought leader in Oracle Middleware. An Oracle Platinum Partner, Rubicon Red offers a set of innovative and market leading DevOps software, consulting, and managed services solutions for Oracle Middleware customers.

Rubicon Red used to capture and manage requests to trial MyST—a DevOps solution that automates the end-to-end software release and platform configuration process—via emails, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings. The time consumed in fulfilling a single request slowed the company’s go-to-market processes. With a rapid increase in the number of MyST requests, Rubicon Red wanted to improve customer response times, reduce sales workload, and provide the required lead qualification.

Business Challenge
  • Reduce time to market by automating the end-to-end process of capturing and provisioning up to 100 MyST trial requests annually, and ensuring efficient follow-up with customers and partners rather than losing requests in the noise of email
  • Improve visibility of trial requests, such as identifying the location and intended end user, and allow sales team to focus on the right leads and avoid wasting time on low priority requests
  • Fulfilled a trial request in less than one hour instead of up to four weeks by using Oracle Process Cloud Service to rapidly design and automate all aspects of the request process, such as online forms, enabling the sales team to gain end-to-end visibility and quickly follow-up with customers to provide further information
  • Shortened time-to-market by up to 40% by providing developers with immediate access to a full lifecycle process management environment—including development, test, and production—and enterprise-quality tooling without needing to build and maintain an IT infrastructure
  • Saved over 400 man-days annually in processing trial requests and enabled sales team to focus on higher-value tasks, such as MyST demos, by directing customers to an online form instead of taking 8 hours per request to gain essential information, such as contact and login details via an exchange of up to 50 emails
  • Supported 5x growth in the number of requests—from up to 2 requests per week to up to 10 requests per week—without increasing headcount by enabling a distributed workforce, including staff working from home or at client site, to process a request anytime, anywhere and collaborate seamlessly across  multiple geographic locations
  • Enabled sales team to prioritize and focus on the right leads by using Oracle Process Cloud Service’s powerful rule design feature to quickly qualify leads, such as granting immediate approval to requests from customers who attended a particular event, as well as Oracle Middleware alliance partners
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and reinforced strategic relationships with customers and partners by using Oracle Process Cloud Service’s intuitive sandbox to guide the process involved for the trial and enabling users to easily perform testing for Oracle Middleware platform without training requirements
  • Improved service quality by integrating Oracle Process Cloud Service with existing third party CRM system and enabling the business to gain greater insight into customer experience and build better solutions


What makes Oracle Process Cloud Service superior to competitors, such as Pega and Appian, is not just the solution itself, but the breadth of the entire Oracle Cloud offerings. The entry-point price was also far more affordable than the equivalent on-premises solution.

— Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red


Rubicon Red consulted with the sales team to map the requirements for Oracle Process Cloud Service. It also integrated Oracle Process Cloud Service with a third-party CRM system and web design application to build the online forms. The implementation took just four weeks.

“Oracle is constantly launching new releases and changing the perception of what is possible. My advice is to get started and experience how much Oracle Process Cloud Service can do for you,” said Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red.

About Rubicon Red


Brisbane, Australia



Founded in 2009, Rubicon Red is an Oracle Platinum Partner and global leader in Oracle Middleware. It offers customers innovative DevOps software, consulting, and managed services solutions. Rubicon Red is also a founding member of the Red Expert Alliance, an international alliance of Oracle Middleware partners. Rubicon Red received 2016 Oracle Excellence Award as the Asia Pacific’s Specialized Partner of the Year for Middleware.

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Published:  Feb 16, 2017