Scentre Group safety team has reduced administrative time by 75%

Scentre Group, operator of the pre-eminent portfolio of shopping centers in Australia and New Zealand, identified the need to move from a document management platform to a holistic information management system.


Because Aconex is flexible and configurable we are able to track and implement lessons learned from project to project.

Brett BurkePre-Construction Project Manager, Scentre Group

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Business challenges

  • Most efficiently managing processes across a portfolio of projects
  • Manage handover to internal customers in a manner to enable the best ongoing operations of Scentre Group properties
  • Improving administration of safety documentation and inspections to support the high priority safety holds for Scentre Group
  • Bringing the entire project team together to optimize access, minimize discrepancies and track project progress


  • Proven industry specific platform which provides cross project views and standardization
  • Ability to plan for handover from the beginning of design, enabling complete and accurate handover information
  • Flexible field application to support safety inspections
  • Project-wide systems with equal access by all organizations and secure information sharing
  • Handover preparation time has been reduced to practically nothing by tagging all documents and drawings up front within Aconex
  • The 2-3 months of overlapping partnership between Construction and Facilities Management teams has been eliminated due to significantly more complete handover material
  • Safety team has reduced administrative time by 75%, enabling them to spend that time on training, culture and implementing best practices
  • Managing safety documentation through Aconex workflows, has enabled more people to be involved in the reviews and there has been an improvement in the quality of the documentation as a result
  • Safety documentation is more complete and more accessible by all of the parties that need it
  • There has been an 80% reduction in hard copy storage of safety material
  • Redundancy is avoided and accuracy ensured in recording and storing project safety documentation. Before, each subcontractor had to keep their own records, now everyone is accessing the same information via Aconex
  • We are presenting a safe site by using Aconex Field to manage safety inspections to more quickly enter, track, close out and report on safety issues
Published:22 June 2018

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