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Oracle Customer Success — TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd.

TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd.

TEAM Informatics Enables Users to Collaborate on 55,000 Files Anytime, Anywhere, and Improves Business Productivity with Documents Cloud


We chose Oracle Documents Cloud Service over Dropbox, Google and because of its intuitive interface and document-conversation capabilities, enabling us to easily and securely share documents with internal and external users in just minutes instead of taking hours to set up a traditional collaborative folder. Users can also access critical project information anywhere via desktop, tablets and mobiles, increasing business productivity.

— Volker Schaberg, General Manager, TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd., Australia and New Zealand

Founded in 1999, TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd. (TEAM) is an Oracle Specialized Partner and a global IT-consulting and managed-services provider. It specializes in developing, delivering and managing enterprise content management services and solutions that are consumable, on-premise, as an appliance or in a private cloud for customers.

TEAM has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. In 2014, it partnered with DeloitteAsparona to form TEAM Asparona, one of a panel of three vendors providing all-of-government enterprise content management as a service to New Zealand public sector agencies.
  • Enable administrative staff and project-team members to reduce dependence on email and securely share files with internal and external users anytime, anywhere
  • Simplify access control to facilitate formal and informal user collaboration, ensure content security and reduce administration costs
  • Improve business productivity by enabling field consultants to quickly search, access, and work on project documents, such as signed contracts and service documentation, remotely even without internet connection
  • Improved collaboration by deploying Oracle Documents Cloud Service to store and catalog 55,000 business documents on a single platform, enabling project-team members, such as technical staff, to use mobile devices to rapidly and securely share the most up-to-date files—including project specifications, with other teams
  • Enhanced document-management control and reduced administration costs by enabling project and operations managers to easily assign different levels of access rights— including manager, contributor, downloader and reader—and set up collaboration folders for internal staff and external users, such as customers, to exchange information
  • Facilitated informal collaboration by gaining ability to communicate and work with multiple parties—including project managers and partners—on a folder or document, without needing to trace multiple email conversations and contexts
  • Saved users hours spent each day searching for business documents—such as IT project contracts—by providing a powerful document-management system that enables them to simply type content-related keywords and receive search results in seconds, eliminating the need to log into different file-sharing systems and look for the documents
  • Increased productivity for up to 90% of TEAM IT consultants by enabling them to download and save project documents offline and synchronize updated files with the cloud platform once they re-connect to internet, ensuring data accuracy and on-time project delivery
  • Improved business process efficiency, such as IT project contract execution and marketing video distribution, by gaining the ability to create and share a secured public link for a folder with relevant co-workers or customers, enabling them to securely view or download the content and upload the updated files back to the cloud rather than sending e-mails back and forth
  • Minimized user training requirement and facilitated early adoption by providing a flexible and intuitive file sync and share solution that enables employees to easily access documents anywhere via desktop, web or mobile
  • Laid foundation to extend content collaboration capability by integrating with other systems or cloud services, such as Oracle Process Cloud Service, to further drive work efficiency thanks to Oracle Documents Cloud Service’s rich set of application program interfaces

Why Oracle

TEAM chose Oracle Documents Cloud Service over other content collaboration solutions, including Dropbox, Google and, because it offered competitive pricing and aligned with the company’s future cloud strategy.

We selected Oracle Documents Cloud Service because its intuitive user interface, simple access controls and document-conversations capability offered us the ability to easily and quickly create a simple business process or mobile app, and enhance global collaboration across all IT projects.

— Volker Schaberg, General Manager, TEAM Informatics Pty Ltd., Australia and New Zealand


After Oracle provisioned Oracle Documents Cloud Service, it took just a few days for TEAM to create a centralized folder structure and assign ownership to project managers and administrative staff, which, in turn, enabled them to easily migrate 55,000 documents via desktop synchronization with the cloud platform.

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Published:  Nov 16, 2015