Tetra Pak modernizes global logistics with Oracle Cloud

The food processing and packaging giant implements Oracle Transportation Management Cloud to improve logistics and supply chain visibility.


Oracle Transportation Management Cloud was the best fit for our needs, not only today, but also for the needs we expect to have in the future.

Ewonne LennartssonGlobal Integrated Logistics Director, Tetra Pak

Business challenges

Tetra Pak is a processing and packaging company that provides food and beverage products, including dairy, beverages, cheese, ice cream, and prepared food, to millions of people around the world. Founded in 1943, Tetra Pak employs more than 25,000 people and distributes products in more than 160 countries.

Tetra Pak’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030. That means making its operations and products more sustainable as well as improving its vast global logistics operations through route, mode, and load optimization. The company previously relied on multiple transportation management systems and manual processes to manage logistics and supply chain functions, but lacked the visibility it needed to optimize its operations.

Tetra Pak sought to consolidate its transportation management systems under one provider to improve its logistics capabilities, enable greater efficiency, obtain real-time predictive shipment visibility, and coordinate efforts on a global scale.

Oracle makes it easier for us to get an overview of our spend and environmental impact, loads, carrier management, and even how we interact with our logistics providers.

Ewonne LennartssonGlobal Integrated Logistics Director, Tetra Pak

Why Tetra Pak Chose Oracle

After conducting extensive research and meeting with several leading transportation management solution providers, Tetra Pak selected Oracle Transportation Management Cloud. “We saw Oracle as a partner that would help us grow in this area. They are the best at what they do,” says Ewonne Lennartsson, global integrated logistics director at Tetra Pak.


Using Oracle technology, Tetra Pak standardized and automated many of its logistics and supply chain processes. The company now has visibility across its entire supply chain, can closely track and monitor shipments in real time, manage resources more effectively and efficiently, better track inventory and stock at every stage, and simplify and streamline internal workflows.

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud also enabled predictive shipment tracking, which has improved customer satisfaction. Tetra Pak has already seen an improvement in its net promoter score (NPS), a market research metric that rates the likelihood a customer would recommend a company. “Customers love the improved visibility and proactive track and trace,” says Lennartsson.

With better visibility into its logistics and supply chain operations, Tetra Pak expects to consolidate freight and improve vehicle utilization and route planning to reduce its environmental impact. Better efficiency and productivity will also reduce costs and free up personnel to focus more time on customer-facing activities.


Tetra Pak worked with partner Inspirage on the migration to Oracle Cloud.

Published:August 10, 2021