University of Western Australia creates offer letters 6X faster with Oracle PaaS

University of Western Australia processes offer letters 6X faster, increases staff capacity by 20%, and enhances user experience with Oracle.

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of the leading research universities and ranked the fifth highest of the Australian universities in the Shanghai Ranking. With its strong reputation for excellence and enterprise, UWA aims to become a top 50 university by 2050.

UWA used to manually edit and create complex offer letters—from selecting over 25 different letter templates to personalizing 90 data fields for student information, such as credit assessment and fees—in a Word document. It then uploaded the offer letters to the admissions portal for domestic students to access and sent to overseas students via email. The process was laborious and prone to error. UWA needed an integrated platform to ensure data accuracy, improve work efficiency, and enhance user experience.


By adopting Oracle Integration Cloud Service with Oracle Service Cloud, we gained seamless integration capability across the whole university, not just one department. This allowed us to process each offer letter 6X faster, expand our staff capacity by 20%, and minimize risk to the university.

Julie MilliasSolutions Lead, University of Western Australia

Business challenges

  • Enable admission officers to quickly generate over 23,000 offer letters each year by automating the process to integrate data from multiple systems, including admissions, Callista, and CRM, without requiring specialized training to manually select the right templates and data fields
  • Ensure data accuracy and minimize legal risk to the university due to legally binding contractual information in the offer letters
  • Allow senior managers to easily track the status of offer letters, such as the open or bounce rates, and redirect staff resources 
  • Provide a flexible platform for the university to easily expand the services to other projects, such as postgraduate research scholarship offer letters

Why University of Western Australia chose Oracle

“We considered other vendors but Oracle Integration Cloud Service just fits well with our existing Oracle Service Cloud. We were also familiar with Oracle, making it easier for users to adopt the new platform instead of starting from scratch.”
Julie Millias, Solutions Lead, University of Western Australia


  • Processed each offer letter 6x faster—in just 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes—and reduced legal risk by using Oracle Integration Cloud Service to connect Callista with Oracle Service Cloud, enabling admission officers to access real-time student data and produce accurate offer letters  
  • Freed up staff capacity by 20% and provided better services to students by eliminating the manual compilation processes for over 23,000 offer letters and allowing staff to focus on valuable activities, such as answering enrolment and acceptance inquiries
  • Enabled new staff members to generate offer letters without special training by using Oracle Intelligent Advisor to predefine policies for selection criteria and provide guided steps throughout the process
  • Provided managers and other departments, such as faculties and student services, with a complete view of the student lifecycle and improved the ability to fast track offer letters status and raise conversion rates by using Oracle Service Cloud to send out offer letters to domestic and overseas students rather than different channels 
  • Enhanced competitive edge in the higher education industry by gaining ability to quickly send out an offer letter to students before the other universities 
  • Sped up implementation and testing processes by using a flexible Oracle Intelligent Advisor to easily and quickly adjust business rules and change the way to produce offer letters
  • Supported future expansion to other services, such as graduate research scholarships, by adopting Oracle Integration Cloud Service to provide readymade integration packages for different applications, such as student management, and enabling the university to launch targeted marketing
Published:1 August 2019