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Oracle Customer Success—Vinomofo


Vinomofo Expedites Customer Delivery and Improves Service with Oracle SCM Cloud


Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service is the only solution that enables us to reliably and efficiently manage our wine inventory and warehouse operations. We not only increased pick speed and fulfilled orders faster, but also gained the ability to deliver new services and enhance our member experience.

— Krista Diez-Simson, CFO, Vinomofo

Vinomofo Fulfills Wine Orders up to 3x Faster, Increases Warehouse Operating Efficiency, and Enhances Customer Satisfaction with Oracle

Vinomofo is an online retailer that sells a diverse range of wine products to over 500,000 members in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Its mission is to share exceptional wines with wine lovers and help great wine makers to sustain and grow their businesses.

Previously, Vinomofo outsourced its warehouse facilities to a third-party vendor, but the cost was a fixed rate per case and made it difficult to scale the business. Vinomofo also had no access to the vendor’s system and experienced frequent oversell situations. With the relocation of its warehouse from Adelaide to Melbourne, Vinomofo wanted to improve efficiency and lower costs by modernizing its inventory and warehouse operations with a cloud-based solution.

Oracle Cloud Revolutionizes Vinomofo's Customer Experience

Business Challenge
  • Ensure wine stock accuracy and minimize oversell issues by using a robust warehouse management solution to automate cycle count and replenishment management rather than relying on a supplier to transpose the stock and order information into spreadsheets
  • Expedite the fulfillment of customer orders during the seasonal peak periods by gaining the ability to easily allocate stock location and support constantly changing wine stocks, such as keeping smaller number of higher-value bottles or higher-volume wines from different wine makers
  • Enable the retailer to independently manage and control warehouse operations without high maintenance costs by transforming all essential activities, such as picking, packing, loading, and shipping wine stocks, via a cloud-based solution
  • Fulfilled wine orders faster and improved customer satisfaction by introducing Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service to track inventory movement, direct packing, and determine shipping routes, helping the business decrease lay time from the Melbourne warehouse to one to two days rather than up to three days 
  • Increased pick speed and inventory management efficiency by preconfiguring stock locations and mixed cases—premixing wines by style, by vintage, or by saleable lot—and intelligently directing warehouse staff to pick stock in sequence and save travel time
  • Achieved 99.6% pick accuracy by providing an accurate and concise way of managing fulfillments with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service
  • Improved customer service by providing a ‘click and collect’ order option and allowing members to pick up their wine orders within a two-hour window
  • Decreased churn rate and enhanced customer experience by managing inventory and warehouse operations with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service and gaining greater control to eliminate oversell issues, ensure product quality, and personalize service, such as adding tasting notes to our wine club cases
  • Delivered improved insight into warehouse operations and made smarter decisions by analyzing daily workflow and real-time orders via the dashboard, empowering the retailer to take faster action, such as reassigning resources or launching wine promotions 
  • Enabled the business to focus on continuous innovation instead of IT infrastructure by adopting a cost-effective Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service with lower maintenance costs and less resources than on-premises applications 
  • Increased business agility by enabling the retailer to flexibly configure the back end and roll out the solution to other locations with minimal interruption and improve service quality in the future—for example, by allowing customers to tailor their mixed cases

Why They Chose Oracle

Vinomofo conducted a due diligence progress with various vendors and selected Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service to modernize its inventory and warehouse operations. It successfully went live with the new platform in three months.

“Oracle is continuously developing Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service, so the product is now even better than LogFire. I would recommend this product to other companies—without a doubt,” said Rob Hurn, Warehouse Manager, Vinomofo.

"We considered other on-premises solutions, such as Manhattan, but only Oracle could offer the best-in-class, cost-effective warehouse management solution and meet our cloud-based requirements. Having local support in Melbourne has also been critical to the success of this project."
—Krista Diez-Simson, CFO, Vinomofo

About Vinomofo


Melbourne, Australia



Annual Revenue

US$41 Million
Established in 2011, Vinomofo is all about good wine, real people, and the most epic wine deals on the planet. By operating the business based on three core propositions—value, curation, and culture—Vinomofo sources wines directly from the wine producers and only sells the wines that they love to wine members around the world.
Published:  Sep 01, 2019