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Eloqua Advanced Intelligence

New, advanced intelligence capabilities within Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation help you personalize marketing messages to the individual. With innovations that include fatigue analysis, account intelligence, send time optimization, and subject line optimization, you can create personalized campaigns while managing email frequency for each of your contacts. Oracle Eloqua Advanced Intelligence applies data science to observed behaviors and powers exceptional customer experiences.

Manage email fatigue

Classify contacts into nine email fatigue levels, from inactive to oversaturated. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation captures the fatigue level in each contact field so it can be used to improve your marketing campaigns.

  • Segmentation and targeting. Use fatigue level as a segmentation filter to include or exclude contacts from campaigns and control the frequency of emails. Identify opportunities to make inactive audiences more receptive by modifying or changing campaigns. For example, you could send fewer emails, use different assets with less content, or try new channels where inactive audiences may be more receptive.
  • Insights and analytics. A dashboard provides the overall email fatigue breakdowns for your contacts along with a fatigue-level view showing email send volume and performance. Knowing the level of contact engagement and disengagement helps you determine future engagement strategies, campaign and segment structure, and level of investment.
  • Dynamic campaigns. Create decision steps that evaluate a contact’s fatigue level in Eloqua Marketing Automation’s campaign canvas. Automatically route contacts with varying fatigue levels to their next-best action, such as placing them in a wait step, sending additional emails and content, or retargeting them on a more preferred channel.
  • Programs and data management.Eloqua Marketing Automation monitors and adjusts to contact data changes—such as fatigue level—in real time. So when a contact’s fatigue level changes, you can create a listener step within the program canvas to take specific actions—unsubscribe them, send them to reactivation or nurture campaigns, add them to an exclusion list, or update their data in Eloqua Marketing Automation or a third-party application.
  • Lead scoring. Incorporate fatigue level into lead scoring models as a profile characteristic to prioritize leads. Focus on highly engaged, high-value leads versus leads that are saturated and not as engaged. Fatigue analysis uses AI to bring new depth and accuracy to existing lead models, making it even easier to predict the best contacts to send to sales.
  • Dynamic content for personalized emails and landing pages. Use fatigue levels in dynamic content rules to more accurately match contact engagement. Tailor campaign content with different email or landing page versions that include personalized images, offers, calls to action, or supplemental content. Using dynamic content rules, you can send personalized offers and promotions, embed additional content, or send an event invite to selected fatigue levels.
Marketing innovations fatigue analysis

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Identify, target, and grow your most engaged accounts

Account-based marketing (ABM) is more than just a feature; it’s a strategy that focuses on your top accounts. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation helps you understand which accounts are engaging the most and allows you to monitor accounts and take the right actions at the account level.

  • Account engagement score. Understand which accounts are engaging the most with your brand using account engagement scores. With these insights, you can effectively prioritize your time and effort and reach the right accounts with better segmentation, orchestration, and personalization.
  • Account engagement dashboard. View all needed account-level information in one place with a breakdown of all contact activity. With a better understanding of contact engagement, you can identify which products an account may be interested in and see which accounts are declining, surging, or flat in terms of activity.
Marketing innovations account intelligence

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Optimize email open rates for each contact

Increase email open rates with new send time and subject line optimization tools within Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation’s.

  • Send time optimization. Deliver personalized communications at the times prospects are most likely to open email and engage with the content. Eloqua Marketing Automation uses historical data to determine when contacts have opened email communications in the past and then uses AI to determine the best day and time to send each person an email.
  • Subject line optimization. Increase email open rates further by improving email subject lines. Eloqua Marketing Automation uses machine learning (ML) to identify words and phrases associated with higher or lower email open rates. Eloqua Marketing Automation then predicts if the open rate of your drafted subject lines will be above or below average. You’re able to identify the best subject lines and improve the success of your campaign before you even click send.
Marketing innovations email optimization

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