IoT Service Monitoring for Connected Assets

Monitor your Internet of Things (IoT)-connected assets through your customer service center. Track the real-time location, health, and utilization of your assets, reducing overall maintenance costs. Contact center agents can view assets and analytics on their dashboards and then work towards immediate issue resolution.

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Continuously monitor remote assets

End-to-end customer service center solution for IoT-enabled devices and subcomponents.

Service connected assets

Connect any asset type or subcomponent over any type of network and deliver insights to your contact center.

Detect abnormalities

Visually identify problematic components and automatically detect faults and abnormalities so you can engage the appropriate service resources and keep the asset running.

Analyze anomalies

Correlations can be made through different data points. Compare theoretical correlations against the data to make informed decisions about one-time events, reoccurring events, and the actions you should take to keep the issue from occurring again.

Enhance your contact center’s business value

Leverage built-in key performance indicators (KPIs) for projects, incidents, and workers.

Automatically manage incidents

Provide real-time visibility of connected asset incidents to your contact center. Incidents can be automatically created from connected device data, based on your predefined thresholds and conditions.

User-defined alerts

Define the types of device events and predictions that should generate notices. Something might only require an alert or warning, while others require an immediate incident report.

Incident creation through native integration

Incidents are automatically created using Oracle Service. Policy automation capabilities within Oracle Intelligent Advisor can auto-resolve issues, escalate issues to field service teams, automate responses, or bi-directionally communicate with the device.

Establish an inbound IoT service channel into the contact center

Incidents created by device anomalies raise immediate alerts within the contact center. The data can be routed to the right agent queue for customer outreach.

Auto-resolve issues

Oracle Service resolves known and high-risk issues automatically by sending commands directly to assets and devices.

Remote asset control for contact center agents

Push events and monitor assets remotely from the contact center.

Use standard interfaces

Use embeddable IoT widgets within Oracle Service for contact center visibility into asset data.

Integrate with Oracle Service incident management and knowledgebase

Use insights from asset data and Oracle Knowledge Management to deliver contextual self-service and assisted service for IoT devices.

Predictive analytics for proactive maintenance

Proactively respond to your customers by having incident data from IoT-enabled devices raise alerts in the contact center. These incidents, based on your business rules and workflows, can be assigned to customer service agents and handled accordingly.

Detect and predict with analytics

Detect complex patterns in sensor data and predict asset behavior with advanced machine-learning–enhanced analytics.

Use no-code analytics

Create predictive analytics customized for your business

Key benefits of IoT Monitoring for Connected Assets

  • 01Transform customer service

    Proactively serve your customers without them having to initiate service requests or raise issues.

  • 02Issue resolution that scales

    Human-based analysis doesn’t scale. Use the built-in, machine learning capabilities that can make predictions about the state of an asset based on the operational history of the entire product line.

  • 03New automated service resolution channel

    Complement existing customer support channels by introducing a new Internet of Things (IoT) service channel for increased visibility and proactive service.

  • 04Service-powered augmented reality experience

    Provide field service workers with information they need to resolve issues on the first visit, reducing the need for return visits.

  • 05No-hassle analytics with machine learning and AI

    Create visual patterns and line-of-business, user-friendly interfaces for advanced analytics aggregation.


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