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Better Insights = Better Decisions

Get better sales, marketing, HR and finance insights from augmented analytics. Machine learning and AI can aid better business decisions.

How to Uncover Hidden Insights

Data driven companies grow eight times faster than those that work from intuition. This O’Reilly report explores how those that make better use of their rich information resource are getting ahead, with augmented analytics at the heart. All this will bring instant and lasting benefits to your business with little or no training.

Find out how you can get accurate, unbiased and actionable insights from your data in this report, including:

  • Segmenting customers based on online behaviours
  • Predicting revenue and profitability
  • Understanding hidden causes of high employee turnover
Analytics Market Phases
  • $15.4 trillion

    Embedded machine learning in analytics can potentially create another $15.4 trillion in value by 2020.

  • 85%-95%

    Accenture achieved 85%-95% accuracy in forecasting capital for a client thanks to augmented analytics.

  • 30.6%

    The global augmented analytics market will grow 30.6% by 2023.

175 zettabytes

175 zettabytes

IDC predicts that the “global datasphere” will grow from 33 ZB in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025.

Powerful Insights from Data

Get Faster, Better Insights

How to Get Faster, Better Insights

Getting on top of your data is the key to better, faster insights and better business decisions, which lead to growth.

Explore Success Stories

Explore Success Stories

See how leading organisations are meeting future challenges now with better data insights across business functions.

How to Lead the Way with Data

How to Lead the Way with Data

Data leaders feel confident that their data is secure and manageable. Discover how your organization ranks when it comes to data management.

Get better insights from augmented analytics.