The Hidden Data Economy

What’s the state of Australia’s data management capabilities that can help unlock data capital?

How ready are you for the data economy?

ADAPT, an independent research and advisory firm conducted targeted research on the state of data discovery, governance, management, productivity, and analytics within 25 leading ANZ organisations. These leaders are responsible for creating data governance policies, architecture, analytics capabilities and helping their organisations to utilise data as a business differentiator.

Read the report that highlights their priorities and readiness in the three areas of the hidden data economy – data liquidity, data productivity and data security.

Unlock your data capital

The hidden data economy – transform unstructured data into data capital

Navigating our current climate means being able to think, react, and make quick decisions based on circumstances that could be changing daily. Make better, more informed decisions by bringing order to unstructured information, by uncovering hidden insights.

Discover the three unique characteristics of data capital and which Oracle products enable them.
On-Demand Webinar

The Hidden Data Economy

Hear from the three experts discussing how, with the right approach and infrastructure, data that already resides in your firm can become one of your most valuable assets.


Charles Ross, Asia Editorial Director of Economist Intelligence Unit

Paul Sonderegger, Oracle Senior Data Strategist

Andrei Hagiu, Questrom School of Business, Boston University


The Economist: Companies need to get serious about leveraging and managing data

In March 2020, The Economist estimated that data is worth between US$1.4-2 trillion in the US alone. Given such valuation, why are companies not doing more to seize on the opportunities? There is a way to realise its value by treating it as a capital.

Data Management

Implement cloud-based data analytics in your organisation

Read the report on how cloud services within Oracle Data Management Platform, enabled by AI and ML, work synergistically together, to help you unlock the value of your data.