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How Can Autonomous Data Drive Faster, Better Insight?

Learn more at Oracle’s Meet Ups

Fuelling Scale and a Rapid Time to Market

Autonomous Data helps Drop Tank see data, make decisions and deliver loyalty campaigns at speed

Faster Finance Data, Flexible Performance

Huge cost savings, ten times less hardware and amazing flexibility for Data Intensity

The Foundation for an Agile, Innovative and Insight-Driven Enterprise

The emergence of autonomous technologies and the benefits of adopting them

Learn how to unlock the value of your data with our Think Autonomous webinar series.

It’s the Most Important Thing Oracle Has Ever Done

Autonomous Data frees you to achieve more.

With unified systems connecting decisions and actions from accurate data, this means a business that makes faster decisions and is quicker to innovate. Holistic data intelligence enables augmented insight, to better understand customers and personalise customer engagements.

With reduced routine administration, you can let technology handle the drudgery – giving you the business agility to set up new projects in minutes, not days. All the while, remaining safe with intelligent threat detection protecting your business.

Analysts can be more effective by taking control of their data. Learn how to control a shareable workspace, capture up-to-date data, trust the data across the work group, and add computing power as needed—all without IT.

Key Features, Benefits and Differences

Key Features

Access data at speed, without the usual database maintenance chores. Oracle Autonomous Data means:

  • Scalability - High performance database provisioning. Scale up or down instantly to continuously optimise system resources
  • Reduced Manual Database Admin - Zero downtime for patching. Zero administration effort for IT teams
  • Reduced Dependence on IT - Reduced reliance on DBAs. Reduced time to complete analytics
  • Enterprise Security - Ensure customer data is secure and sage from breaches or malicious intent

Key Benefits

Understand your business better and enhance your business performance.

  • Connected, timely and consistent access to data - Increase business agility and adjust plans to meet changing conditions
  • Easily merge disparate data sets to develop forecasting and reports - Use data insights to understand the business better and manage the sales pipeline
  • Deliver meaningful business insights to other lines of business - Timely collection and rapid analysis of data from any source
  • Adhere to data privacy restrictions - Self-securing data warehouse ensures all data is encrypted and secure at any given time
  • Improve return of marketing spend with automation - Customer, third party and other data sources merged into a single source of truth, to analyse the complete customer lifecycle
  • Start new analytics projects on the fly - Connect seamlessly to any analytics layer, without help from IT

Key Differences

The only truly autonomous, self-driving database, data warehouse and transactional processing technologies

  • Continually innovate - Constantly and automatically improving technology and computing capabilities
  • Meet your data, operational and strategic goals - Unmatched proficiency with large scale, complex and critical enterprise data
  • The most complete business process capabilities - Continuous updates and optimisations.
  • Secure and integrated data across all functions - Trusted by banks and military

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Thinking Autonomous: The Foundation for Driving Innovation

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Autonomous Data as a Foundation for an Agile, Innovative and Insight-Driven Enterprise

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Autonomous Data in Finance

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Data Intensity Customer Story

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Drop Tank Customer Story

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