Oracle Database for IT Executives

Oracle Database Cloud—Exadata Service
Oracle Database Cloud—Exadata Service Now Available

Extreme Database Performance now available on Oracle Database Cloud

Oracle Database is Designed for the Cloud
Oracle Database is
Designed for the Cloud
Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS)
Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS)

See how Oracle Database 12c accelerates your journey to the cloud

Better Business Insights
Better Business Insights iconBetter Business Insights

Can your data management systems help you get better business information?

Give your business users a shared infrastructure that lets them see across applications, databases and business processes—so they can monitor ongoing operations, pinpoint problems and identify trends.

Security in the Cloud
Security in the Cloud icon Security in the Cloud

How do you ensure compliance and security in the cloud?

Make sure your cloud provider isolates your data and uses leading-edge security technology and best practices in its data centers. Ensure proper security policies in your own in-house private cloud.

Future-Proofing the Enterprise
Future-Proofing the Enterprise icon Future-Proofing the Enterprise

Is your data center ready for exponential data growth and database sprawl?

Defend against threats, protect against downtime and data loss, secure against unauthorized access, and comply with regulations for sensitive data and critical applications.

Self-Service IT
Self-Service IT icon Self-Service IT

Do you provide on-demand access to all your business services?

Serve your core constituency better by giving them self-service access to all your IT services.

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