Addressing diversity and inclusion: Going beyond the benchmark

D&I report

Hear how 10 global companies are embedding D&I across their organization

HR and diversity leaders from 10 world-renowned brands—including Schneider Electric, DHL, and Marriott International—are breaking new ground with a variety of strategies that put diversity, inclusion, and equity at the center of their organizations.

While the topic of diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t new, 2020 was a wake-up call for companies to reexamine their D&I initiatives. Advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before. Consumers are taking their business to companies with a proven commitment to D&I. A growing number of laws and requirements are being enacted to support greater diversity in the workplace.

Employees are looking to leadership to make a difference. Organizations must evolve or risk a shrinking candidate pool, reduced market share, and ultimately, lost profitability.


Diversity and Inclusion speakers

In this report, you’ll hear how 10 leading global organizations, including Schneider Electric, DHL and Marriott are:

  • Thinking globally, but acting locally, with new strategies to engage customers and talent via community programs in more than 100 countries
  • Enabling diverse career paths across roles and regions
  • Embedding D&I throughout the employee experience such as offering internal gigs and flexible work arrangements to improve inclusion, growth, and trust
  • Fostering authenticity and employee well-being with programs that support human connectivity and purpose in society
  • Structuring their organization with accountability for D&I initiatives with multiple Chief Diversity Officers throughout the company

See how Oracle Cloud HCM can help your D&I programs

See how Oracle Cloud HCM can help your D&I programs