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Making Payment Management Easier Across the Supply Chain

Progress claims, variations and payments don’t have to be admin heavy. Oracle Textura Payment Management is the market-leading cloud solution designed to bring every element of the process together into one secure and stress-free platform. By streamlining and automating payment processes for builders and subcontractors, the platform lets you cut out repetitive manual tasks and focus on improving your business.

Oracle Textura users benefit from improved claims, payment schedules, compliance management and disbursement processes. That means better control, efficiency and reduced risk for all project stakeholders.

Oracle Textura Payment Management

“DPR believes their relationships in the subcontractor community, which are strengthened by Oracle Textura Payment Management, are critical to the company’s success and ability to maintain a competitive edge in the market.”

Anna Bickford, DPR


Learn About Oracle Textura Payment Management

A helping hand for construction

Oracle Textura gives you a 360° view of your digitised workflows, removing the chance for human error and ensuring compliance with Security of Payment and Construction Contracts Act regulations. It’s a modern, digital solution that offers construction organisations a painless end-to-end payments process, with full visibility and easy reporting for all relevant project stakeholders.

Whether it’s contracts and variations, retention calculations, or approval deadlines, you’ll be able to develop more efficient and effective processes across your organisation. Oracle Textura allows you to:

  • Improve efficiency and visibility for all stakeholders
  • Adhere to varied regional legislation, including all regional Security of Payments and Construction Contracts Acts
  • Prevent errors and rework by generating accurate and standardised documents
  • Automate notifications and payment holds for compliance deficiencies
  • Reduce payment timeframes and accelerate payments to subcontractors
  • Integrate end-to-end payment management with any major ERP system

A market-leading solution

Oracle Textura is trusted by over 475,000 users worldwide, for more than 78,000 projects and over $10 billion of payments per month. The platform has been tailored specifically for the Australian market, and has been tried and tested over 15 years to ensure it offers the best possible payments solution for construction businesses.


Explore Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service

Product Features

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Streamlined Workflows and Automation

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity, saving resources and letting your team focus on value-added tasks
  • Reduction in errors, rework, and delays
  • Automatically generated, accurate progress claims linked to work breakdown
  • Accelerated claim review and generation of payment schedules to reduce time spent on creating and reviewing paperwork
  • Improved line of sight into task and activity status to prevent delays and improve communication

Online Collaboration in a Shared Environment

  • True stakeholder collaboration and version control of payment materials in a shared cloud workspace
  • Full visibility into compliance status for project teams and subcontractors to proactively address issues
  • Digital audit trails capturing all user actions, electronic signatures, and progress claims and payment schedules

Integration with Oracle Aconex

  • Project teams save hours with the exclusive out-of-the box integration connecting Oracle Aconex and Oracle Textura Payment Management.
  • Easy, one-time setup ensures key payment documents are stored appropriately in Oracle Aconex, your indelible project system of record.
  • Subcontractor claims approved in Oracle Textura are automatically added to your document register in Oracle Aconex, retaining an auditable accurate record as a single source of truth.
  • Oracle Aconex also sends Payment Schedules to subcontractors using transmittals, creating certainty and transparency on changes, variations, cash flow, and budget.
  • The integration is fully maintained by Oracle to ensure smooth operation―no customer IT support is needed.

ERP/Accounting System Integration

  • Automated, secure transfer of financial data with all popular ERP solutions
  • Ability to configure timing and frequency of data transfers based on your business needs
  • Elimination of redundant data entry and errors
  • Increased financial visibility to inform better decision-making
  • Categories and classifications to automate compliance reporting for the supply chain
  • On demand and configurable reporting frees teams from time- consuming data collation
  • Portfolio-wide view into payment and task status
  • Dashboards and robust reporting to easily see and communicate key project metrics

Dedicated Client Services

  • Full support during implementation and for as long as you continue to use the platform
  • Dedicated support team available whenever you need them
  • Unlimited training for all users to shorten time to value
  • Fast support for subcontractors from the Oracle Textura client services team
Real-World Results

Customer Success Stories

Austin Commercial speeds claims processing by over 50% with Oracle Textura Payment Management


Austin Commercial, one of the largest U.S. builders, needed a scalable solution to support their growth. The company sped subcontractor claims processing and payment application submission to the owner by over 50%.

DPR Construction pays contractors up to seven days faster with Oracle Textura Payment Management


DPR Construction is a $6 billion global organization ranked No. 10 on Engineering News-Record’s 2021 Top 400 Contractors list. By integrating Oracle Textura Payment Management into their ERP system, DPR save 360 accounting hours per week on call sheets and pays subcontractors seven days faster.

Blach Construction achieves 50% reduction in variation payment processing


Builder Blach Construction implemented Oracle Textura Payment Management to improve its payments management processes. Subcontractors receive payment an average of five to seven days faster than before using Oracle Textura.

Breakthroughs and Best Practices

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