Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage—Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series

Fully Mobile, Fully Connected

The mobile Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series and its base station are synchronized to provide the ultimate flexibility and ease of use for hospitality operators, enabling exceptional service anywhere and redefining the guest experience.

  • Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series Screen Shot 1

    The 10.1-inch LCD tablet locks into the base station for full workstation functionality and peripheral connectivity.

  • Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series Screen Shot 2

    The tablet is also fully mobile for on-the-go hospitality anywhere, at any time.

Ruggedized and Revolutionary

Ruggedized and Revolutionary

  • Highly ruggedized, weatherized, and spill-resistant mobile tablets
  • Innovative, daylight-viewable technology for outdoor use
  • High-capacity battery option for base station allows unplugged operation in remote areas
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Full peripheral connectivity when attached to the base station
  • Unparalleled abilities for managerial and staff
Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series Increases Speed of Service

The Habit Burger Grill capitalizes on a fast-casual dining concept to enhance guest experience and drive revenue with mobile tablets from Oracle Hospitality. (2:21)

Go Mobile with the Tablet R-Series

With a revolutionary design and unprecedented mobility, Oracle MICROS Tablet R-Series and base station redefine the way you serve your guests. (2:12)

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