Environmental volunteering

Year-round, Oracle Volunteers rally for the earth, clean up shorelines to keep plastics out of our oceans and waterways, keep clothes out of landfills, and restore and regreen the natural world. These are just a few of the many ways they care for our planet. Explore more below.

“Oracle Volunteering’s rally called There’s No Planet B was a great opportunity to share the eco-friendly actions we take in our day-to-day lives and learn new practices we can implement.”

Ronaldo Santos Technical Account Manager, Oracle Brazil

Banding together for Earth Day

Focus on Environment, our global initiative that runs from March 1 to April 30 annually, coincides with Earth Day by design. In 2022, Earth Day also coincided with National Volunteer Week in the US, and Oracle Volunteers got especially busy. As the world began to reopen, Oracle Volunteers everywhere came together to restore our planet. They cleaned up beaches, planted trees and seedballs, tidied up their digital storage to reduce their carbon footprints, and much more.

Rallying for the environment

Across Latin America, Oracle Volunteers participated in a multiweek rally called There’s No Planet B. They learned about minimizing food waste while maximizing nutrition, making their own earth-friendly shampoo and cleaners, diverting goods from landfills, and generally walking more lightly on the earth. Organizations we engage with include Bandera Azul Ecológica, Gastromotiva, and Vegetarianos Hoy.

Protecting our oceans and waterways

Every piece of plastic or other litter you pick up is one less piece that ends up in the ocean. Year-round, Oracle Volunteers lead cleanups of their local beaches and fresh waterways, as well as cities, neighborhoods, and parks. Organizations we engage with include Keep Austin Beautiful, Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, Ocean Conservancy, and SEGO Initiative.

Restoring local ecosystems

Globally, Oracle Volunteers participate in hands-on ecological restoration efforts to renew and rewild damaged ecosystems. This includes making and planting seedballs, removing invasive, non-native plant species, restoring trails, establishing community gardens, and more. Organizations we engage with include Bhumi, Los Angeles Community Garden Council, SayTrees, and The Trail Foundation.

Diverting waste from landfills

Around the world, solid waste generation rates are rising. This is the opposite of what needs to happen. Oracle Volunteers help tackle the problem by raising awareness and collecting and donating gently used items such as clothes, books, and electronics for reuse. Done responsibly, this can keep enormous amounts of waste from ending up in landfills or incinerators. Organizations we engage with include BRED Diocesano de Guadalajara A.C., Instituto Gerando Falcões, Instituto PROA, and Japan Refashion association.

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