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Forward-Looking, Predictive Insights

The analysis and advice that executives need to boost profitability and drive growth.

Tomorrow’s Finance Analytics Capabilities Today

Companies need more from finance than simply accurate financial statements and reports. They need forward-looking, predictive insights from a growing mountain of data that can help shape tomorrow’s business strategies and improve day-to-day decision-making in real time.

Financial professionals partner closely with every line of business, from marketing and human resources to manufacturing and the supply chain. While they strive to provide the analysis and advice that executives need to boost profitability and drive growth—many finance teams are still doing planning and analysis the same way, and remain saddled with traditional, labor-intensive processes.

To forecast more accurately and make smarter decisions, finance professionals need faster ways to improve quality and access to make data richer and more relevant.

Oracle offers finance professionals the tools they need to adapt to digital disruption. Oracle Analytics Cloud makes finance smarter, using machine-learning to find hidden patterns in data and remove any human bias from analysis, and employing modern cloud solutions for better contextual insight. It makes finance accelerate its time to insight, reducing reliance on manual iterative processes. It gives finance a deeper analysis than in the past, considering all available data, not only data that is convenient.

Oracle Analytics Cloud for Finance


Do More with Existing Resources

Uncover opportunities with insightful finance


Connecting to All Data Sources

Investigate all available data without depending on IT.


Accelerate Processes

Automate analytics insights and shorten cycle times.


Minimize Human Bias

Improve the trustworthiness of predictions.