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Oracle VM Server for SPARC


Virtualization for Enterprise Workloads

Oracle VM Server for SPARC integrates SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris to increase flexibility, isolate workload processing, and maximize server utilization. Take advantage of the massive thread scale to create up to 128 virtual servers on one system.

Oracle VM

Virtual Cloud Infrastructure

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
  • Consolidation of up to 128 virtual machines on one SPARC server
  • Flexible and secure live migration between hosts
  • Fully dynamic resource management of CPU, memory, virtual I/O, and crypto accelerators on running virtual machines
  • Dynamic resource management places resources where they are needed most
  • Redundant virtual networks and disks ensure high availability
  • Leading Price/Performance;
    The virtualization platform combines the best of Oracle Solaris and SPARC for your enterprise workloads.
  • High Availability;
    Oracle offers high availability solutions for the entire stack—not just the hypervisor.
  • Integrated Support;
    Full-stack support means faster resolution of issues, with no finger pointing at multiple vendors.
  • Create multiple independent logical domains quickly and easily using the built-in hypervisor
  • Leverage advanced Oracle Solaris technologies, such as ZFS cloning and snapshots, to speed deployment and reduce disk-capacity requirements
  • Utilize redundant virtual networks and disks to create highly available domains
  • Dynamically configure computing resources to meet shifting business demands
  • Perform domain migration from system to system—securely and quickly, and with very little latency
  • Leverage advanced SPARC features such as Software in Silicon to increase performance and security
  • Built-in Virtualization;
    Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM for SPARC allow multiple applications to be run on a single system.
  • Rapid implementation;
    Oracle VM Templates make it quick to deploy enterprise software, and Oracle VM Reference Configurations accelerate deployment of complete virtual infrastructure.
  • Integrated Management;
    Full-stack management lets you efficiently manage the hypervisor, physical server, and applications through one console.
Rapid Application Deployment with Oracle VM
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Combine consolidation with simplification of the overall IT infrastructure and deliver considerable savings

Learn about Oracle SPARC T8, T7, M8, and M7 Servers: Domaining Best Practices.

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