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Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service

Reliably share trusted data with multiple parties using Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service. The solution offers ready-to-use code for running smart contracts and maintaining a tamper-evident blockchain—built on the industry’s leading open source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform.

See how Oracle customers are ensuring food safety with Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service.

Product features

Match resources to workloads

Easily add or remove resources to meet changes in demand and scale the compute capacity—up or down—to meet evolving needs. Customers are charged only for usage.

Crash fault-tolerant

Multiple participants can contribute to the blockchain network with the easy-to-configure RAFT consensus algorithm.

Manage access permissions

The fine-grained access control functionality allows access to each piece of large datasets stored in the cloud. With this feature, smart contract developers can manage permissions’ access to easily define identities, groups, and resources.

Simple blockchain creation

With just a few clicks, set up a permissioned blockchain—no coding required. There’s no need to manually provision hardware, software, manage certificates, or configure network components.

Identity management

Securely control the addition of network participants and organizations.


Join partners’ blockchain networks running Hyperledger Fabric.

Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service customer successes

Learn how customers are meeting the demands of large supply chains, trading networks, and consortiums running millions of transactions with Oracle’s managed blockchain service. Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service enables rapid deployment and production of blockchain networks.

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AJIB Expedites Cross-Border Money Transfers with Oracle Blockchain

Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service use cases

  • Secure voting application

    Identity and voting application built with blockchain technology to prevent voter fraud, assure anonymous voting, and one vote per citizen.

    Read more

  • Real-time retail loyalty reward points application

    Customers can earn tokens to seamlessly redeem their rewards at one of the retail partners on the blockchain network.

    Learn more

  • Ensuring ethical sourcing for fashion

    Supply chain application verifies sustainable materials are used in creating fashion apparel and accessories.

    Learn more

  • Blockchain-based data platform to strengthen COVID-19 response

    Streamlined sharing of COVID-19 data among health providers, researchers, developers, and decision-makers.

    Read more


Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service offers predictable budgeting with an vCPU-based pricing model. This includes the ability to stop/restart an instance to reduce costs when the platform is not being used to lower costs.

The initial number of vCPUs and storage in an enterprise instance can be adjusted up or down (but not below the minimum) dynamically using the Control Panel, and the new numbers will be reported into the billing system once the scaling operation has been completed.

Blockchain Platform

Comparison Price ( /vCPU)*
Unit Price
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Blockchain Platform Cloud Service - Standard

OCPU per hour
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Blockchain Platform Cloud Service - Enterprise

OCPU per hour
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Blockchain Platform Cloud Service - Storage

Terabytes storage capacity per month

*To make it easier to compare pricing across cloud service providers, Oracle web pages show both vCPU (virtual CPUs) prices and OCPU (Oracle CPU) prices for products with compute-based pricing. The products themselves, provisioning in the portal, billing, etc. continue to use OCPU (Oracle CPU) units. OCPUs represent physical CPU cores. Most CPU architectures, including x86, execute two threads per physical core, so 1 OCPU is the equivalent of 2 vCPUs for x86-based compute. The per-hour OCPU rate customers are billed at is therefore twice the vCPU price since they receive two vCPUs of compute power for each OCPU, unless it’s a sub-core instance such as preemptible instances. Additional details supporting the difference between OCPU vs. vCPU can be accessed here.

January 14, 2021

What’s Coming for Enterprise Blockchain in 2021

Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management

Blog series on how 2020 transformation of enterprise blockchain is going to impact blockchain evolution in 2021. How are changing customer priorities and unanticipated challenges going to shape enterprise blockchain adoption this year? Read about:

  • Importance of blockchain in multi-tier supply chain visibility, agile vendor on-boarding, and "touchless" customer interactions
  • How blockchain is used in pandemic response solutions and it transformative potential for healthcare in general
  • Financial services blockchain initiatives, including eKYC for banks & financial groups, and how key milestones in CBDC last year have set the stage for CBDC in 2021 and the next few years.

Read more

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