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Oracle Dynamic Skills

Put the power of skills to work throughout the employee journey and successfully build a strategy to future-proof your workforce. Download "The Business Case for Dynamic Skills" and learn:

5 challenges organizations face in the post-pandemic world

9 skills that empower digital proficiency

5 key benefits of a dynamic skills approach

10 steps to enable continuous learning for your employees

een op vaardigheden gerichte benadering om uw workforce toekomstbestendig te maken is essentieel om flexibiliteit en veerkracht in uw organisatie in te bouwen - Lees het rapport

De businesscase voor Dynamic Skills

Bouw met succes een strategie om uw workforce toekomstbestendig te maken en maak kennis met:

5 uitdagingen waarvoor organisaties staan in de wereld na de pandemie

9 vaardigheden die digitale bekwaamheden mogelijk maken

5 belangrijke voordelen van een benadering met dynamische vaardigheden

10 stappen om continu leren mogelijk te maken voor uw medewerkers

Put the power of skills to work throughout the employee journey

Get an in-depth look at Oracle Dynamic Skills from Yvette Cameron, SVP of HCM Product Strategy.

Having the right technology in place to detect, manage, and grow workforce skills at scale enables you to align your skills data–and your talent–to business strategies and key growth initiatives.

  • Understand, track, and analyze employee skills throughout your organization
  • Find better hires from both internal talent and external applicants
  • Increase ROI on organizational development efforts
  • Improve engagement and retention across talent processes

With Oracle Dynamic Skills, you can support your current and future talent needs to drive business agility and plan for the workforce you'll need as you move forward.


Lees deze IDC Market Note Nieuw IDC: Oracle kondigt vaardighedenmanagement aan met een nieuw aanbod: Oracle Dynamic Skills

Lees hoe Oracle Dynamic Skills organisaties helpt de vaardigheden van hun workforce te identificeren en te verbeteren.

Analyst Josh Bersin' Raad eens wie net in de markt van de vaardigheden-cloud is gestapt? Oracle. En ze menen het.

Volgens Josh Bersin, analist van de HR-sector, stelt Oracle Dynamic Skills de norm voor geïntegreerde vaardighedentechnologie.

Oracle Dynamic Skills

Oracle Dynamic Skills can help you understand and leverage the skills of your organization by focusing on three key areas:


Skills Nexus

Understand the skills of your organization.

  • Detect and understand your organization’s unique skills landscape
  • Leverage a dynamic inventory of skills and job data tailored to the unique language, culture, and industry of your organization
  • Continuously update the skills inventory through everyday interactions with candidates, employees, managers and HR teams
Skills Nexus - Understand the skills of your organization

Skills Advisor

Unlock the power of skills.

  • Connect people with relevant skills, learning, and jobs at the right time
  • Help candidates and employees find the right opportunities no matter how they define their abilities by using natural language processing to understand different skill descriptions
  • Deliver recommendations in talent processes including recruiting, career development, performance, succession planning and more
Skills Advisor - Unlock the power of skills

Skills Center

Unleash your talent potential.

  • Support career development and personal growth with a single location to manage skills
  • Move quickly from recommendation to action in a single click within the personalized portal
  • Make it easy for employees to track progress towards career goals and take action to further professional development
Skills Center- Unleash your talent potential.

Skills Matter: What Your Organization Needs to Survive and Thrive

Your organization's skills are your greatest asset in building workforce agility and preparing for the future. Join us as we discuss creating the right skill strategy to build an agile workforce.

Prepare for the future using a dynamic skills strategy

Managing skills across an organization can be complicated and challenging. Learn how you can support your company’s future growth by better understanding your talent.

5 challenges in today's workplace

As the workplace continues to evolve, so do the challenges that come with it. Learn more about these challenges and why they are relevant to you.

Addressing the changing nature of work through skills

See how customers like RIA Financial, Hearst Corp. and Deutsche Post DHL Group are navigating changes at work through skills and what Industry Analyst Josh Bersin recommends HR leaders do to make business a success.

“It’s game-changing. It’s going to help a lot of people.”

—William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily

“ is the approach that is impressive.”

—Steve Brooks, Editor, Enterprise Times

“Oracle is the first HCM vendor that has built SkillsTech into an entire HCM Platform.”

—Josh Bersin, Analyst, Bersin & Associates

“...truly harness the power of skills within [a] workforce...”

—Lisa Rowan, HR Tech Analyst, IDC

“...the tool comes at a time when many employees are rethinking their careers.”

—Allen Bernard, TechRepublic

“..this is really ground-breaking...”

—Trish McFarlane, Host, HR Happy Hour

Put the power of skills to work in any situation

Move to Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM provides your business with one solution for HR—with the workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences needed to quickly adapt to change.

See the difference

Oracle provides a comprehensive, native solution across all of HR, built on a unified platform with finance, supply chain, and sales. Feel confident providing your organization with the most complete solution, with no need to rely on IT or third-party products to fill in gaps. Take the administrative lift off of your HR and IT teams, and focus on what’s most important for your business with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Gain one cloud for HR and finance

A common cloud platform will enable HR and finance teams to collaborate and plan with speed and confidence. From employee safety and training to cost controls and productivity, this is a tremendous opportunity to pivot forward and build the resilience your organization needs.

Overcome your talent shortage

Transform how your organization attracts talent, drives internal mobility, and hires with speed and confidence.