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Service Orchestration and Order Fulfillment

Accelerate the design, delivery, and lifecycle management of 5G, fiber, and digital services. Dynamically manage virtualized and software-driven networks with an open, multidomain service orchestration solution.

Multi-domain service orchestration for telco cloud automation

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Swisscom selected Oracle to create a lean BSS/OSS architecture to support new cloud services

Create the foundation for great customer, service, and network experiences

Efficiently fulfill customer orders

Coordinate every aspect of delivering customer orders across inventory, activation, fulfillment, billing, and shipping systems with cloud native order and service orchestration.

Explore Oracle Communications Order and Service Management

Manage service and network inventory

Dynamically manage service and network inventory with a unified view across inventory sources and service assurance integration.

Explore Oracle Unified Inventory Management
Explore Oracle Network Integrity

Orchestrate and activate services and networks

Configure, activate, and manage network connectivity and digital customer services on physical, virtualized, and cloud-based networks.

Explore Oracle Communications ASAP
Explore Oracle Communications IP Service Activator

Communications Consulting and Systems Integration

Take advantage of our B/OSS telco expertise, assets, and accelerators to integrate, configure, and operate your on-premises and cloud applications.

Explore Oracle Communications Consulting

“We selected Oracle because it not only provides top-of-class technical solutions but has a very deep insight of business needs. They are dealing with best of class in every industry.”

Michael Wagenhofer

Chief Executive Officer, ORS

Rationalization and modernization of the OSS are key to a digital back office for 5G

Anil Rao, Research Director, Telecoms Applications, Analysys Mason

The back office, consisting of the operational support systems (OSS) and the associated processes, is a critical link between the front office customer-facing business systems and the network. In preparation for the 5G era, CSPs need a two-pronged approach to achieve a fit-for-purpose OSS. First, CSPs must execute a rationalization strategy to achieve a lean OSS estate by retiring the redundant tools accumulated over the years. Complementing the OSS rationalization strategy, CSPs must embrace modern cloud native software design and engineering principles, i.e., containers, microservices, and DevOps/CI/CD.

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Accelerate delivery of products and services to customers with cloud native solutions

Cloud native order and service management improves operational efficiency and adaptability.

Improving back-office operations for agility, cost, and control

Key considerations to make when choosing a solution partner for an open, agile back office.

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