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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Life Sciences

Support your entire clinical development lifecycle on a single cloud platform with high performance computing, data science tooling, and built-in security features.

Hear from the experts on how you can rapidly build simulations of biological systems with GridMarkets.

ELEM Biotech runs advanced simulations leveraging flexible and secure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) HPC bare metal instances
DSP helps the Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre improve cochlear implants
Discngine accelerates research with OCI Data Science machine-learning models
The University of Flinders developed COVID-19 vaccine candidates within weeks using OCI for modeling and simulations

Advance clinical research faster with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Deepen discoveries with Oracle Data Science

Build, train, and manage machine learning models on Oracle Cloud using an open Python ecosystem for automated machine learning, model evaluation, and model explanation.

Explore OCI Data Science

Discover data and support data governance

Collect metadata across your organization’s data stores and create a common metastore for your data lakes.

Explore OCI Data Catalog

Easily integrate data sources for clinical research

Combine and transform data for data science and analytics—no code required. Quickly spin up the resources for any new project.

Explore OCI Data Integration

Accelerate research with high performance computing

By moving molecular dynamics and genomic simulations to OCI, researchers can achieve the best possible performance, meet scale requirements, and reduce the time for discovering new treatments.

Learn More about HPC

“Our challenge is to make our simulation program as accurate and efficient as possible. We need a cloud platform that is flexible, powerful, and secure. We get that from Oracle.”

Mariano Vazquez

Chief Technology Officer, ELEM Biotech

Oracle high performance computing and GridMarkets help speed development of new COVID-19 drugs

Yogi Pandey, Oracle Senior Product Manager

Analyzing the structures of the COVID-19 virus helps find vulnerable sites, which are potential targets for drugs and vaccines.

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Scientists Find An Avenue To Attack The Coronavirus, Aided By Cloud Imaging

Learn how the University of Bristol generates 3D structure of SARS CoV-2 Spike protein from electron cryo-microscopy using OCI high performance computing.

Research and perspective

UC Davis researchers advance medicine with Oracle High Performance Computing

Discover how HPC can help you model situations and events that can have adverse results without additional research study.

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Build the future of business with Oracle Cloud Applications

Join Steve Miranda and his development leaders as they talk about how Oracle’s solutions are delivering constant innovation, higher productivity, and industry-leading security.