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How leaders outperform with connected planning

Today’s most successful companies are moving from siloed to connected planning—and seeing better business performance as a result. Connecting financial, operational, and line-of-business planning improves decision-making and gives organizations the agility to outperform the competition. Case in point: A connected approach has helped Oracle customers improve margins by 35% and decrease planning cycle times by 30%.1 We’ve compiled best practices, research, and other resources to help get you there.

See how Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM connects planning across your enterprise (2:26)
MIT report Survey: Organizations that plan together, succeed together

According to the survey, 74% of executives say connected planning will improve decision-making. Discover how leaders are ditching silos and spreadsheets, leveraging AI and advanced technologies to boost results.

Five key elements of connected planning ebook Five key elements of connected planning

Connected enterprise planning is not just a best practice—it’s a necessity. Learn what it takes to connect and improve planning across your organization.

Connected enterprise planning

By providing a unified view of financial, operational, and line of business planning, Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) improves planning accuracy and makes your company more agile. Advanced technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, allow enable finance teams to integrate real-time data into planning, eliminating delays in decision-making.

Integrated business planning and execution

To be successful, today’s businesses must understand disruption as it happens and have the decision support required to quickly react. With integrated business planning and execution, you can connect financial and operational planning, align plans with execution, reduce decision latency, and enhance global visibility.

Project financial planning

Business growth is often fueled by projects, large and small, but to be successful, these projects must be connected with finance and other lines of business throughout the organization. Learn how to model all project costs and returns on one platform, monitor costs against forecasts, and quickly make project portfolio adjustments.

Workforce planning

Companies are changing how and where they are searching for talent, and employees are rethinking where they want to work. With a fully connected workforce plan, you can collaborate in real time across finance and HR, understand how workforce decisions affect costs, improve hiring decisions, and pivot based on trends.

Oracle Cloud EPM 30-Minute Demos

Get a first-hand look at how Oracle Cloud EPM fuels better performance in these 30-minute live demos, running through December. See the lineup for live as well as on-demand sessions.

Boost Your Agility with Connected Planning Virtual Summit

Watch now our summit to discover how incorporating line-of-business information and prescriptive insights into your planning can synchronize operational and corporate goals, reduce delays in decision-making, and enable your company to become more agile.