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The State of Customer Experience: 3 Important Stats You Need to Know


Jeanne Bliss, president of CustomerBliss and CX pioneer, discusses her new research study with Oracle that examines cross-generational customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations.

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Jeanne Bliss of CustomerBLISS: Delivering Great Customer Experiences Starts with Showing Them Real Respect


Brent Leary and Jeanne Bliss discuss the findings of a recent Oracle CX research report that surveyed 1,100+ consumers across four generations in the United States.

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Consumers Have Little Patience for Brands


This Yahoo! Finance story highlights recent Oracle CX research that shows how consumers are shunning retailers and brands that don't meet their expectations.

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3 Ways the Experience Economy Is Fundamentally Changing CX


In a video interview by CXOTalk, Michael Krigsman discusses the unique challenges facing companies today with Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud group.

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From Gen Z to Boomers, 82% of Consumers Have Been Disappointed by Brands


A recent consumer research study conducted in partnership with customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss reveals three ways that CX is vital to a brand and how consumers of all ages are responding.

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How Brands Can Regain Consumer Trust


According to research from Oracle, customers are turning their backs on traditional business models and demanding higher standards from brands.

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Boosting Customer Satisfaction Through Predictive Service


Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud, discusses the evolving role of customer service and the essential role it plays in today’s experience economy.

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Oracle Joins Forces with Accenture and Capgemini to Rethink the Customer Data Platform Market


Oracle is collaborating with Accenture and Capgemini to help companies better navigate the customer data platform market by offering more advanced digital marketing and customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

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Survey Says Connected Devices Will Best Predict What Customers Are Likely to Buy


A recent survey commissioned by Oracle and ESG Research examines how emerging technologies such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, digital assistants, and augmented reality will affect customer loyalty and brand performance within the next five years.

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A Deep Dive into Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps


Melissa Boxer, vice president of Fusion Adaptive Intelligence at Oracle, provides details on how Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications can help alleviate today’s (and tomorrow’s) more routine and tedious ERP and supply chain tasks for employees.

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Oracle’s CX Strategy Points Towards Real-Time Responses


As data increasingly becomes key to an effective CX implementation, Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, points to the technology Oracle is focusing on to win over corporate customers.

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With Youth Sports Booming, a Small-Town Manufacturer Looks to Win Big


In this Forbes story, Sportable Scoreboards discusses their complete digital transformation to win a larger share of the burgeoning youth sports market.

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Oracle Takes Next Steps Toward the Customer Data Platform


Oracle CX Unity is designed to provide enterprises with data-driven contextual insight on the customer.

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Five Ways to Deliver Customer Amazement in a Modern CX World


Industry influencer Shep Hyken outlines how automation, chatbots, and AI help deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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CRM Playaz at Modern Customer Experience Conference


CRM Playaz Brent Leary and Paul Greenberg sit down with Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president of Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, to discuss Oracle’s approach to delivering a CX platform to customers and the role Oracle CX Unity plays in delivering customer insights.

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Oracle Talks CX Experience at Modern Customer Experience Conference


ZDNet’s Michael Krigsman outlines Oracle’s approach to customer experience, emphasizing real-time, personalized CX, which requires data, personalized content, and more.

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Oracle Digital Assistant Unifies Use of Enterprise Chatbots


Oracle Digital Assistant allows users to create digital assistants with multiple chatbots that are capable of handling different tasks to increase worker productivity.

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Why Sportable Scoreboards Moved to Cloud ERP, and What They’ve Learned About Change


diginomica’s John Reed interviewed Oracle customer experience customer, Sportable Scoreboards, about their manufacturing business and why a move to Oracle Cloud Applications was key to their growth.

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Oracle Updates CX and Marketing Cloud, Unveils Service Logistics Cloud


Oracle announced sales-oriented updates for Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, updates for Oracle Marketing Cloud, the introduction of Oracle Service Logistics Cloud, and an integration between Oracle CX and Slack.

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Oracle Updates Cloud Applications as SaaS Sales Builds Momentum


Oracle Customer Experience Cloud is getting a series of AI and data science innovations for sales, which include integrations with Oracle acquisition DataFox.

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Oracle Adds More AI Features to Its Suite of Sales Tools


TechCrunch reports on how Oracle is using AI to increase efficiency in sales and marketing while taking advantage of the data in the process.

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The “C” in Customer Experience (CX) Means Consistency


Every customer experience is unique and depends on multiple factors. However, all CX professionals agree that to build genuine customer relationships, CX must be consistent.

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CRM Watchlist 2019: And the Winners Are…


Oracle Customer Experience was named a winner in Paul Greenberg’s CRM Watchlist 2019, highlighting Oracle’s focus on the Experience Economy.

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TechBytes with Oracle’s Fortuné Alexander, Discussing Automation, AI, and More


Fortuné Alexander discusses the impact of automation and intelligence tools, how to achieve “sales mastery,” and the role of emerging technology in sales.

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Electronics Company Chooses Integrated CRM for All CX Needs


Schenck Process, a growing global industrial engineering and tech company, decided to invest in Oracle Customer Experience Cloud products (instead of Salesforce) to integrate its CRM functionality and better focus on the customer experience.

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Customer Platform Helps Panasonic Crush Europe’s Rugged Device Sector


With a common platform, Panasonic can align its marketing, sales, and service teams to close more net new business and proactively uncover sales opportunities.

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NRF 2019: Retailers Harness Data to Better Personalize Customer Experience


Oracle’s Katrina Gosek, senior director of product management for Fusion CX strategy, discusses why, when choosing a technology infrastructure, businesses should carefully weigh the appropriate data mix needed to meet their goals.

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What’s the Next Big Thing in CX?


As emerging disruptive technologies like IoT, robotic automation, AI, and more are poised to change the way businesses and consumers interact, today’s CX environment continues to evolve thanks to the introduction of new ways for companies to engage their target market.

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Salestech Interviews Oracle's Fortuné Alexander About Sales and the Use of Technologies


Oracle’s Fortuné Alexander, senior director of CX product strategy, discusses how the sales role is evolving with the maturity of automation and intelligence tools and what CX professionals can do to close the gap between sales and marketing.

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Sales Chatbots Tell a Story


The city of Albuquerque, an Oracle customer, offers an interesting and instructive story in relation to the use of chatbots—its 311 service—that has had to evolve with the city's growth.

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Oracle Launches a “CDP-Plus” for its Cloud Platforms


Oracle CX Unity provides the first single customer profile across the company’s platforms, plus adds intelligence for utilizing the data.

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Q&A: Oracle Adaptive Intelligence Strategy Pervades Apps


TechTarget interviews Melissa Boxer, vice president for Oracle Fusion Adaptive Intelligence, about Oracle’s AI apps expansion, bringing capabilities to sales applications like forecasting and next-best actions among other areas.

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You're Just a Brand--Enter Oracle Engagement Cloud


To meet rising customer expectations, Oracle developed Oracle Engagement Cloud, an integrated sales and service platform that is your nucleus for digital transformation.

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Future of Customer Experience


CXOTalk’s Michael Krigsman interviews Des Cahill, head CX evangelist at Oracle, on how companies can improve their customer experience to meet evolving consumer expectations.

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Oracle Again Named a Leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation


Oracle’s focus on business transformation, encompassing both front and back office apps, sets the company’s solution apart from other vendors. Sales force automation is one of the key solutions areas that benefit from this approach.

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Oracle CX Unity Looks Like a Real Customer Data Platform


Highlighting Oracle Cloud Applications, CustomerThink praised Oracle CX Unity as a unified persistent customer database accessible by other systems, with machine learning to boot.

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Oracle Is Named a Leader in Forrester’s Latest CRM Suites Evaluation


Oracle is top ranked in the current offering category, receiving the highest possible scores in the sales force automation, configure price quote, marketing automation, customer service, and field service criteria.

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The Cure for a Sales Leader’s Biggest Headache—The Sales Planning Process


Oracle just released a next-generation sales planning solution that helps sales execs build smarter sales plans with advanced analytics and predictive models.

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