Smart Connected Maintenance

New digital technologies are transforming the way companies approach maintenance management. Oracle Maintenance Cloud utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and blockchain to enable decisions in real time that drive efficient maintenance operations, increase equipment reliability, uptime, and safety, and reduce overall costs.

Empowering Maintenance Leaders

Business Challenge

Smart decisions with AI and ML

Transform your maintenance organization from fragmented and reactive to demand-driven and predictive. Automatically generate recommendations on optimal maintenance schedules that maximize machine uptime using adaptive intelligence and machine learning.

Business Challenge

Enable connected maintenance with IoT

Connected assets allow you to better anticipate ongoing downtime and maintenance needs. Improve the operational efficiency of physical assets, uptime, and productivity. Efficiently plan and execute work with an integrated solution that connects your organization's maintenance, supply chain, and financial applications.

Business Challenge

Optimize operations with real-time, actionable insights

With a complete view of all types of assets and equipment, know where a particular asset is in its lifecycle and whether it is providing value to your business. Empower your workers with real-time insights and actionable data leveraging IoT and big data technologies and continuously improve your business.

Business Challenge

Predictive maintenance with digital twins

Move from reactive to preventive and predictive maintenance modes. Connect your maintenance operations with the supply chain and financials. Facilitate predictive maintenance with digital twins, providing a complete real-time model of assets and their performance. Predict equipment failures and improve overall equipment effectiveness.