Blockchain customer stories

Learn how customers like you are using Oracle Blockchain Platform to connect with their partners, suppliers, and distributors across their ecosystem using a distributed ledger in a permissioned enterprise blockchain platform. By connecting relevant data and automating processes with smart contracts, you benefit from a shared single source of truth and trusted transactions that can streamline and optimize business processes, automate reconciliations and settlement, reduce human error and risk of fraud, and enable new opportunities through tokenization.

Featured customer successes

  • Retraced deploys sustainability platform on OCI and Blockchain, improving sales
    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Oracle Blockchain
    Industry:High Technology
  • MTO Global Gains a Secure and Reliable Integrated Mileage Platform with Oracle
    Blockchain Platform
    Oracle Database
    Industry:Industrial Products
    Location:South Korea
  • HealthSync uses Oracle Blockchain Platform to power more intelligent healthcare
    Blockchain Platform
    Industry:High Technology
    Location:United States
  • SERES delivers faster and safer invoicing on Oracle Blockchain Platform
    Blockchain Platform
    Industry:High Technology
  • AJIB expedites cross-border money transfers with Oracle Blockchain
    Blockchain Platform
    Industry:Financial Services