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Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM made our planning cycles 3X faster.

Giovanni Schoordijk, Oracle’s senior director of supply chain operations, shares how our cloud enables both efficiency and resilience (3:02)

Let us help you build a more resilient supply chain

We’re shaping the next decade of supply chain now, with Oracle Cloud SCM. Our transformation allowed us to reduce the time it took to complete planning cycles and plan changes. We were also able to eliminate one third of our manual transactions and reduce the time it takes us to access item data, work orders, and documentation. Let us show you how we transformed, and the lessons we learned along the way.

Products used: Oracle Cloud SCM, Oracle Inventory Management, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Maintenance, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Cloud Logistics, Oracle Cloud PLM, Oracle Procurement Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud

The Oracle@Oracle mission

We embarked on our end-to-end cloud transformation with a mission to serve our customers better. Moving to Oracle SCM enabled us to build and deploy our cloud data center technology faster at scale, ultimately speeding the delivery of our cloud services to customers globally. Using the same technology that we offer our customers helps us to understand their needs better and lets us innovate together .

Oracle SCM unified supply chain processes

Like many of our customers, we relied on disparate systems and processes for our supply chain operations. Moving data between siloed applications slowed our planning cycles. To move more quickly and speed our time to market, we created a single data model and unified architecture that would put all of our key supply chain functions on one platform . We also took advantage of Oracle’s built-in AI and machine learning functionality.

The move to Oracle Cloud has been transformational for the execution team. Enhanced search functionality enables better exception management. The dispatch list is simple and intuitive to use and reporting is more integrated and readily accessible for targeted analysis across the supply chain.

Jag Sharma Vice President, Manufacturing, Oracle Corporation

Our framework for operational excellence

We reimagined our supply chain operations with a framework that helps us continually improve customer and employee experience in four ways.



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We leveraged the unique single data model and unified architecture of the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud to move and innovate more quickly. Key functions, from planning to inventory management are placed on a single platform. The same data can be used by all areas of the supply chain process. We reduced planning cycles and sped time to market, improving our ability to match supply and demand.


We empowered our supply chain organization to understand changes in the system and swiftly determine the best course of action using Oracle Cloud SCM’s built in analytics and guided decision making. They leverage tools for collaboration to work in lockstep with suppliers and contract manufactures, quickly responding to changes to avoid passing negative impacts to customers.


Oracle’s intuitive, modern user experience helps supply chain teams get their work done—and even enjoy the experience. Oracle SCM Cloud delivers consumer-grade application interfaces for data visualization, navigation, and scenario modeling. This modern UX is a differentiator that helps our supply chain organization attract the next generation of talent who say modern experiences and tools are important to their career decisions.


With Oracle Cloud SCM, we have automated time-consuming manual processes. We gained speed as well as the ability to react to change dynamically. One example is in our dropship process: sales orders and purchase orders on our suppliers are automatically synchronized and fulfillment events are automatically triggered and monitored. We obtain supply chain information directly from the application rather than running reports in external environments.


We have been able to achieve a significant return on investment with Oracle Cloud SCM.

  • Reduced regular planning cycle from three weeks to one week
  • Reduced incremental plan changes from one week to 24 hours
  • 67% faster supply chain planning cycles
  • 80% faster plan adjustment confirmations
  • 35% reduction in manual transactions
  • 60% reduction in work order tasks
  • 67% fewer steps to access documents
  • 83% reduction in time to implement software configuration changes
  • 60% faster order query
  • 50% faster work order history access
  • 20-50% reduction in time to query item (cost, inventory, supply/demand)

The benefits of using Oracle Cloud span our business

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