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Oracle “Experience Autonomous” Hands-on Workshops

How can you rapidly turn data into business insights, accelerate the launch of new applications or features, and drastically reduce database administration tasks & costs while improving performance, security, elasticity & uptime?

Join our “Experience Autonomous” hands-on workshop in Vilvoorde to find out and learn how you can become a hero for your organization! You’ll discover:

  • How to modernize the development & management of your OLTP applications with a self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing database
  • How to set up a data warehouse in minutes, integrate any data from any source, and quickly derive visually compelling insights through powerful analytics
  • How Machine Learning algorithms enable & power Oracle Autonomous Database, taking a peak under the hood

You’ll kickstart the day with briefings & demos and right away put it into practice during Hands-on Labs.

IT and LOB mangers will understand how they can leverage Oracle Autonomous Database to reduce costs, reduce risks and accelerate innovation. DBAs will deep dive into the inner workings of Oracle Autonomous Database and appreciate how it automates manual mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value ones. Developers will recognize how Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing enables them to accelerate application development.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and ask all your questions. See you there!