Oracle Customer Success Services

Oracle is the only provider of fully integrated technology solutions that span both infrastructure and applications. Today’s businesses, however, need more than just the best technology solutions. They need a strategic partner to support sustained business growth. Oracle Customer Success Services (CSS) was created to help ensure your ongoing success with our technology. CSS is completely integrated with Oracle’s product development teams to help you maximize the value of your cloud investment. CSS also trains and collaborates with implementers across Oracle’s partner ecosystem to ensure the successful setup of Oracle technologies.

What is Oracle Customer Success Services?

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Keys to Success: How Organizations Achieve Exceptional Outcomes with Oracle

Watch Oracle Executive Vice President and Customer Success Officer Gary Miller speak with customers about best practices for planning, adopting, and moving to Oracle Cloud.

Explore Oracle Customer Success Services

  • Implementation services

    We supply access to a global network of experts who can help you manage your implementation projects. Accelerate your move to the cloud with deep expertise and proven experience, and leverage best practices, accelerators, and automated tools to minimize costs.

  • Education services

    We provide training, certification, and in-application guidance to help your organization quickly adopt new technologies. We offer a variety of learning options including free introductory training, on-demand digital courses, and hands-on labs to boost your employee’s productivity.

  • Run and operate services

    We deliver the expertise to run and operate your systems and cloud solutions. Choose the level of service that best fits your needs—we can manage every aspect of your cloud transformation, co-manage it with your teams, or provide targeted services to assist your team.

  • Support

    Whether your environment is in the cloud or on-premises, Oracle offers the industry’s most comprehensive support to keep your operations running optimally. Access a global team of technical support specialists 24/7, who provide timely assistance in multiple languages.

How organizations like yours are partnering with Oracle to succeed

  • Clopay

    “Oracle and Clopay, while in dissimilar industries, are very like-minded in continually investing in innovation to advance their customers’ success. The partnership with Oracle is a key element of our customer experience strategy.”

    —A. Vinod, Chief Information Officer, Clopay

  • Marriott

    “We’re essentially like a three-legged stool—it’s Oracle, Marriott, and Accenture all working together and learning together.”

    —Karen Nelson, Senior Vice President, Marriott Global Human Resources

  • City of Tampa

    “The Soar process worked exactly the way Oracle said that it would work. From our standpoint, we were on time, we were on budget and we got the functionality we wanted. So, end to end, it was the kind of implementation you rarely experience, but always hope for.”

    —Russell Haupert, Chief Information Officer, City of Tampa

  • Deutsche Bahn

    “Oracle Guided Learning helps us provide information to our employees at their point of need. It significantly helps us to save time and cost in scaling training and change initiatives.”

    —Julia Otten, Portfolio Lead, Deutsche Bahn

Why choose Oracle Customer Success Services

  • Identify new opportunities

    Oracle experts, along with implementers from our partner ecosystem, will help you define the best path to optimize your end-to-end operations and achieve your business goals.

  • Adapt to evolving needs

    Continuously innovate, stay ahead of change, and improve competitiveness by taking advantage of new capabilities and best practices.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency

    Minimize the time and resources spent on administration and maintenance activities by leveraging a complete suite of services and automated tools.

  • Maximize the value of your technology investments

    Ensure you have the best technology, backed by a strategic partner that will support you with anything you need to succeed throughout your cloud journey.

Get started with Oracle Customer Success Services.

Oracle Customer Success Services solves challenges

  • Navigating constant change

    We help you stay competitive by quickly adopting innovative solutions and educating users on new business processes and capabilities.

  • Maintaining efficient operations

    Optimize the performance of your technology environment for the future with expert technical advice and automated tools.

  • Mitigating risk

    Ensure your unique architecture is fully secure and data is available in real time to make better business decisions.

  • Accelerating time to value

    Get the extra help and expert guidance you need to realize your desired business outcomes faster at a lower cost.

Customer success stories

Marriott optimizes workforce management with Oracle HCM
Marriott optimizes workforce management with Oracle HCM (3:11)
Michelin’s Oracle Cloud Journey toward Innovation and Efficiency
Michelin’s Oracle cloud journey toward innovation and efficiency (2:19)
IAC overcomes M&A integration challenges by moving to Oracle Cloud
IAC overcomes M&A integration challenges by moving to Oracle Cloud (3:24)
Credicorp Capital achieves operational excellence with Oracle
Credicorp Capital achieves operational excellence with Oracle (2:35)
MTI partners with Oracle Customer Success Services to accelerate global expansion
MTI partners with Oracle Customer Success Services to accelerate global expansion (2:38)
Specialized Bicycles rides to cloud success with Oracle Customer Success Services
Specialized Bicycles rides to cloud success with Oracle Customer Success Services (3:02)