Kunmap cuts cost per customer acquisition 50% with Oracle

Mexican marketing firm deploys Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to improve open rates, cut costs, and enable rapid growth without adding staff.


Oracle has allowed us to provide clear and accurate information to our clients for decision-making and good business development.

Margarita CalderónGeneral Director, Kunmap

Business challenges

Kunmap provides digital marketing automation and data services to build personalized campaigns for more than 40 Latin American companies in retail, insurance, entertainment, and other sectors. The Mexican agency needed an experienced technology partner to help it grow. To avoid the overhead and hassles of maintaining on-premises software, the agency looked for cloud tools.

With Oracle Responsys, we can grow exponentially, with no need for a huge team serving clients. Everything is automated. Today we can serve 10 customers with a single employee, and if I want to serve either 100 or 1 million, it’s all possible with Oracle.

Margarita CalderónGeneral Director, Kunmap

Why Kunmap Chose Oracle

Kunmap decided Oracle had the most complete marketing suite available, with solutions such as Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization, which would help the marketer adapt to the needs of its clients and scale its services.

To provide a modular solution that permits a unified view of user data, Kunmap selected Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. Its automation and customization makes customers feel like they are interacting in a one-to-one relationship and not with a machine.

The agency found Oracle offered the most user-friendly and intuitive marketing platform, with integration available for other solutions.


After deploying Responsys, Kunmap’s clients saw open rates for marketing campaigns leap from 20% to more than 50%. The clients got to know their customers better, understood what they are interested in, the best times to reach them, and how to achieve business results.

With Oracle Responsys, the agency reduced cost-per-acquisition for its clients by 50%. For example, when hosting a webinar, or using Facebook or LinkedIn, the company switched from manual tracking to automation, resulting in more guests and registrations, with reduced costs.

Oracle provides Kunmap with a deep understanding of metrics, including click-throughs, effectiveness of different channels such as email and SMS, and how users interact with content. This information lets the agency make better decisions to grow its own business, and its clients’.

During the pandemic, Oracle Responsys helped the organization stay in touch with clients to offer advanced and personalized digital experiences.

After years working with Oracle, Kunmap now provides consulting and training on Oracle products to other companies.

Published:May 28, 2021