The NRMA streamlines knowledge for its patrol service with Oracle Cloud

The NRMA and affiliated clubs roll out the latest in automotive troubleshooting knowledgebases to their roadside technicians throughout Australia.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced has provided us with a superior authoring and information delivery capability to take us into the future.

Mark WilliamsSenior Manager, Motoring Technologies and Support Services, the National Roads and Motorists' Association

Business challenges

The NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association) is one of seven motoring clubs in Australia that deploys roadside assistance teams to attend to vehicle breakdowns. The teams are expected to maintain a comprehensive knowledgebase of vehicle makes and models on the road.

To enable this, the NRMA has a dedicated National Technical Support Unit (NTSU) that researches new vehicle models and gathers and produces roadside assistance-related technical information to support the patrol technicians who are at the roadside for affiliated Australian motoring clubs in each state, including the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACWA, RAASA, RACT, and AANT, which represent approximately 3,000 patrol technicians nationally.

The NRMA and its affiliated clubs embarked on a project to replace an existing database technology to deliver efficiencies. The company juggled an aging and unsupported technical database with limited capabilities, while the volume of vehicles released to the market each year and mobile technology demands increased.

Why The NRMA chose Oracle

In support of its affiliate clubs, the NRMA selected Oracle Knowledge Advanced, part of Oracle CX Service, because the company wanted a business partner that could support its journey to the cloud.

To support a seamless cloud adoption, Oracle Consulting offered a single point of contact, from presales to delivery.


After migrating to Oracle, the NRMA has a state-of-the-art knowledge authoring system. The new system allows for ease of publishing as well as the ability to measure knowledge use across the motoring clubs.

As with the NRMA, each of the affiliated motoring clubs has its own knowledge portal. At the roadside, patrol technicians execute the URL for their respective motoring club and are automatically authenticated and taken to the home page of all the knowledge items dealing with automobile issues.

From the home page, patrol technicians can search by keyword, category, or topic. The NRMA National Technical Support Unit authors are continually adding new knowledge in relation to new automobile models and hints and tips about existing automobiles. Patrol technicians nationally can review the knowledge 24/7 from any location. 

The NRMA and affiliated club patrol technicians have access to a wide range of the latest information about various models of automobiles they may encounter while on duty. The knowledge includes detailed schematics, troubleshooting flow charts, pictures, and videos. The knowledge provided by the NRMA National Technical Support Unit levels the knowledge and experience among all  patrol technicians to better support motorists at the roadside.


Oracle Consulting partnered with the NRMA to deliver the Knowledge Advanced platform to supports their business drivers and desired outcomes. The Oracle delivery team provided strong executive commitment.

“Oracle Consulting has demonstrated outstanding product expertise and a dedicated commitment for the NRMA implementation. The NRMA would be keen to work with Oracle Consulting to explore future enhancements and implementations,” Williams said.
Published:September 4, 2020